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Ik Mulaqat is an intensely romantic song that reminds us of all those golden memories of the time when we just began falling in love and going gaga over someone. From the movie Dream Girl, this melody is just a soulful rendition. Sung by the mellifluous Altamash Faridi and the melodious Palak Muchchal, this track has been composed by the maestro Meet Bros and has been penned down by the poetic Shabbir Ahmad. From the feature film soundtrack, this melody uses the guitars, dholaks, the tablas and the strokes quite euphoniously. Ik mulaqat chords have a medium level of difficulty. They can be played with our without using the capo. The guitar chords of Ik mulaqat with capo are Dm, Bb, C, Am, F, Gm. The capo position is in the first fret. The chords of Ik mulaqat without capo are Ebm/D#m, B, Db/c#, A#m/Bbm, G#m/Abm, F#/Gb. The song has been played in the D#m/Ebm scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Ik mulaqat follow a strumming pattern of D DUD.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D DUD

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Ik Mulaqaat Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: D#m/Ebm
Chords Used: Ebm/D#m, B, Db/c#, A#m/Bbm, G#m/Abm, F#/Gb
Strumming Pattern: D DUD
Chords with Capo:
Capo Position: 1st fret
Chords with Capo: Dm, Bb, C, Am, F, Gm
Difficulty: Medium

[Dm]Me bhi [A#]hu tu bhi [Dm]hai aam[A#]ne saamne
Dil ko behka di[C]a ishq [Dm]ke jam ne

Me bhi hun tu bhi hai aam[A#]ne saamne
Dil ko [Dm]behka diya ishq [A#]ke jaam ne
Mu[C]salsal nazar ba[Am]rasti rhi
Ta[C]rastey hai hum bheegey [A#]bar[C]sat [Dm]me

Ik mulaqaat…
Ek [A#]mula[Dm]qaat me baat he baat me
Unka [A#]yu muskuraana ga[Dm]zab ho gya
Kal talak wo jo [C]mere kha[A#]yaalo me the
[C]Rooba[Dm]ru [C]unka ana ga[A#]zab ho gya

Mo[C]habbat ki phli mu[Am]laqat ka
As[C]ar dekho na jaane kb ho ga[Dm]ya

Ik mulaqaat [C]mein baat [A#]he baat [C]me
Unka [Dm]yu mus[C]kuraana ga[A#]zab ho [Dm]gya

[Dm]Makhtawr [Am]dard ka kuch [F]khayaal nhi hai
[Gm]Ek taraf [F]me kahi ek [Am]taraf dil kahi

“[Dm]Aankhon ka aitbar mat karna
[Am]Ye uthe to katleaam krti hai
Koi inki nigaaho pe pehra [A#]lagaao yaaro
Ye nigaaho se [Dm]he khanzar ka kam krti hai”

Makhtawar dard ka kuch [F]khayaal nhi hai
[Gm]Ek taraf [F]me kahi ek [Am]taraf dil kahi
Ehs[Dm]aas ki za[Am]meen pe kyu [F]dhua uth rha
Hai [Gm]jal rha [F]dil mera kyu pta kuch [Dm]nhi

Kyu khayaalo me kuch barf [A#]si gir rhi
Rait [Dm]ki khwaahisho me na[A#]mi bhar rhi
Mu[C]salsal nazar [Am]barasti rhi
Ta[C]rastey hai hum bheege barsat [Dm]me

Ik mulaqaat…
Ek [A#]mulaa[Dm]kat me baat he baat me
Unka [A#]yun muskuraana ga[Dm]zab ho gya
Kal-talak [C]wo jo mere kha[A#]yaalo me the
[C]Ruba[Dm]roo unka [C]ana ga[A#]zab ho gya

Mo[C]habatt ki pehli [Am]mulaqaat ka
As[C]ar dekho na jaane [A#]kb [C]ho [Dm]gya

Ik [A#]mula[Dm]kaat me baat he baat [C]me
Unka [A#]yu musku[Dm]raana gazab ho gaya…

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Ik Mulaqaat - Dream Girl | Ayushmann Khurrana, Nushrat Bharucha | Meet Bros Ft. Altamash F & Palak M

Song Credits

Song Title: Ik Mulaqaat
Singers/Artists: Meet Bros, Altamash Faridi and Palak Muchhal
Music Composition: Meet Bros
Lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed
Movie/Film: Dream Girl
Release Date: September 2019
Music Label: Zee Music Company
Language: Hindi

More About the Song: Ik mulaqat is a very heart-warming number. The lyrics are written in Hindi with some Urdu words sprinkled in them. That is what increases the charm of this melody. The song croons about how the love smitten guy begins to fall for the beloved, and how the small things like her voice, her way of talking, her words, and her face lights up and makes his day. Every love struck couple can actually find themselves relating to this song. The music is very gentle and soothing. With a few crests and troughs in them, the melody is quite alluring to the audience. With Indian percussion instruments used to give the beats, the song has quite a Qawwali vibe about it. It is akin to the songs like Mere rashke qamar and Dekhte Dekhte in its feels. Altamash and Palak have kept us spellbound by their stellar performances. Altamash has quite a classically enriched voice and it is very pleasing to hear. Palak’s voice is too sweet and alluring. Her extremely mellifluent vocals make us come back to this song repeatedly. This song harmonises well with the romantic mood and if you want to confess your feelings to your someone special then dedicate her this song and win her heart instantly.

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