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Retro songs never die. They always remain evergreen and continue to charm us. But if they are sung and recreated with the modern music techniques, the resulting creation is no less mesmerising. Humein tumse pyar kitna covered by Armaan Malik is the finest example of this statement. Originally sung by the one and only Kishore Da, Armaan Malik has reframed it using the acoustic guitars, bass and the piano euphoniously. Humein tumse pyar kitna chords are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners and the amateurs effortlessly. The guitar chords of Humein tumse pyar kitna are four in number and they are F, Am, G, C, E. The song has been played in the F scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Humein tumse pyar kitna follow a strumming pattern of D DD DD or DDUUDU.

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Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna Guitar Chords

Status: Verified & Accurate
Song Scale/Key
: F
Chords Used
: F, Am, G, C, E
Capo: Not Required
Strumming Pattern

[F]Hume Tumse [Am]Pyaar Kitna [G]Yeh Hum Nahi Jante
Magar [C]Ji Nahi [Am]Sakte Tumhare Bi[E]na [Am]
[F]Humein tumse [Am]pyaar

(Am) (E) (Am) (E)[Am]

Suna Gam [C]Judaayi Ka [Am]Uthate Hai Lo[E]g [Am]
Jane Zindagi [C]Kaise [Am]Bitaate Hai Lo[F]g [G]
Din Bhi Yaha To Lage [C]Baras Ke [Am]Samaan

[F]Humein Inte[Am]zaar Kitna [G]Ye Hum Nahi Jaante
Magar [C]Jee Nahi [Am]Sakte Tumhare Bi[E]na [Am]
[F]Humein Tumse [Am]Pyaar

[Am]Tumhe Koi [C]Aur Dekhe [Am]To Jalta Hai di[E]l [Am]
Badi Mushkilo [C]Se Fir [Am]Sambhalta Hai di[F]l [G]
Kya Kya Jatan Krte Hai [C]Tumhe Kya [Am]Pata

[F]Ye Dil [Am]Bekarar Kitna [G]Ye Hum Nahi Jaante
Magar [C]Jee Nai [Am]Sakte Tumhare Bina [E Am]

[F]Hume Tumse [Am]Pyaar Kitna [G]Yeh Hum Nahi Jaante
Magar [C]Jee Nahi [Am]Sakte Tumhare Bi[E]na [Am]
[F]Humein tum se [Am]pyaar

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More About this Song: Humein tumse pyar kitna is a very sweet and heart warming melody. This unplugged version is a tribute by Armaan Malik to the legendary veteran singer Kishore Kumar on his 90th birthday. This romantic number defines love in a very charming manner. The depth of the lover’s passions and the intensity of his emotions which is not even known to him has been clearly described in this enchanting song. The lyrics reek of an amorous feeling. The music of this unplugged version is too soothing and refreshing. With subtle beats at the background, the song runs on leisurely and is similar to a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day. This cover song is a wonderful example of Armaan Malik’s magical performance. His dulcet and gentle voice is sheer bliss to the ears. He keeps us spellbound by his extremely melodious crooning. We cannot help but come back to this number again and again. This soulful rendition harmonises well with the romantic and lovey-dovey mood. And if you are planning to serenade with your lover in your arms in an old school manner but with a touch of the modern day romance, then look no further as this song is just the perfect track that you’re looking for.


Song Credits

Song Title: Hume Tumse Pyar Kitna
Movie/Film: Kudrat
Singer/Artist: Kishore Kumar
Music Composition: RD Burman
Song Lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 1981

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