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Guitar: Duniyaa Chords with Strumming Pattern | Luka Chuppi

Duniya Guitar Chords Luka Chuppi | The lyrics of this trending song from the Lukka Chuppi movie is penned down by Kunaal Verma, music have been composed by Abhijit Vaghani and sung by Akhil & Dhvani Bhanushali. Duniyaa song is the remake of the punjabi song “Khaab” which was sung by Akhil, that song was composed by Bob and the lyrics were penned by Raja. This is a 5 chord song, we have used C, D, Am, Em & Bm which are being played by placing the capo on the 3rd fret and we suggest you to play this song with D D UUD DDU or D D UDUD DUDU as the strumming pattern where D is the Down Stroke and U is the Up stroke. In this article we have also share the Intro tabs for the Intro music of the song.

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Guitar Chords in Detail

No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: C, D, Em, Am, Bm
Rhythm Pattern: D D UDUD DUDU or D D UUD DDU
Capo: Required
Capo Position
: 3rd Fret

Intro Tabs:



Intro Music: [C] [D] [Em] [D]

Bulaave tujhe[C]yr aj meri[D]galliyan
Basau tere[Em]sung me alag[D]duniyaa
Bulaave tujhe[C]yr aj meri [D]galliyaan
Basau tere[C]sang me alag[D]duniya

Na aye kbhi[C]dono me jara bhi[D]faasley
Bs ek tu ho[Em]ek me hu or koi[Bm]na
Hai mera sb[C]kuch tera tu samjh[D]ley
Tu chaahe mere[Em]haq ki zameen rakh[D]ley
Tu sanso pe bhi[Am] nam tera likh[D]dey
Me jiyu jb [Em]jb tera dil[Bm]dhadkey

Music: [C][D][Em][D][C][D][Em][Bm]

Jiss se[C]mera ye ji nhi[Am]bhrta
Kuch bhi[C] nhi asr abb[Am]krta
Meri[Em] raah tujh se, meri chah tjhse
Mujhe[Em]bs yhi reh jaana

Hai tu he dil[C]jaan hai meri ab[D]se
Naa zikr[Em]tera na jaye mere lub[D]se
Bulaave tujhe[C]yaar aj meri[D]galiyaan
Basaau tere[Em]sang me alag[Bm]duniyaa

Jo hovey tu[C]udaass mjhe dekhe has[D]ke
Tu chahe mere[Em]hak ki jameen[D]rkhle
Tu sanson pe bhi[Am]naam tera likh[D]dey
Me jiyu jb[Em]jab tera dil[Bm] dhadkey

[C]Pyaar di[D]raawan uttey
[Em]Yaar tu le[D]aya
[C]Mennu jeene[D] daa mtlb
[Em]Aj smjh[Bm]aya…[C]

[D]paraaya main[Em]u kr na [D]naa tu[Am]
sohineya[D] jana[Em] me ta rull[C]jaanaa

Song Credits

Song Name: Duniya
Lyricist: Kunaal Vermaa
Music Composed by Abhijit Vaghani
Movie/Album: Luka Chupi
Singer/Artist: Akhil & Dhvani Bhanushali
Releasing Year: 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Original Credits
Song Name: Khaab
Singer/Artist: Akhil
Music Composition: Bob
Lyricist: Raja

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