Dhoonde Akhiyaan Chords with Strumming (Guitar) Jabariya Jodi

Dhoonde Ankhiyan is a song that is perhaps one of the best love songs ever composed by Bollywood. It is definitely the love song of the year. From the movie Jabariya Jodi, this song has been sung by the mellifluous Yasser Desai and the mellifluent Altamash Faridi, composed by the talented Tanishk Bagchi and has been penned down by the poetic Rashmi Virag. This melody belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre, and uses the guitars, the drums, the percussions and several other exotic instruments very harmoniously. Dhoonde Ankhiyan chords are easy and simple and even the amateurs can play them fluently. The guitar chords of Dhoonde Ankhiyan are five in number and they are G, C, D, Em, Am. The song has been played in the G scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Dhoonde Ankhiyan follow a strumming pattern of D UUD UUD.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D UUD UUD or D UDUDU

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Dhoonde Akhiyaan Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: G
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: G, C, D, Em, & Am
Difficulty: Easy
Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD or D UDUDU

[G]Mere saare waadein waaadein
[G]Reh gye aadhey
Hai [C]kasurr kya
Hai [G]kasurr kya

[G]Jeet ke bhi haare-haare
[G]Khwab ye bechaare
Yeh [C]fitoor kya
Yeh [G]fitoor kya

[G]Duniya diwaani ishq naa jaane [C] [G]
[G]Duniya diwaani ishq naa jaane
[C]Dil to bs [D]dilko pehchaane

[G]Naino se naina [Em]takraye
Na [D]jaane kya [C]dhoonde [G]ankhiyaan
[G]Naino se naina [Em]takraye
Na [D]jaane kya [C]dhoonde [G]ankhiyaan
[G]Kesse tumhe ye [Em]samjhaaye
Na [D]jaane kya [C]dhoonde [G]ankhiyaan

[G]Heer na jaane… na jaane Raanjha
[C]Jaane ye kesi [G]dorr
[G]Judd jaye to todey na tootey
[C]Ishq ki aisi [G]dorr

[G]Heer na jane… Ranjha na jane
[D]Jaane hai dil [G]mera
[G]Kahi pe jaake mil jaayga
[D]Naaam ye tera [G]mera

[G]Heer na jaane… Ranjha na jane
[D]Jaane hai dil [G]mera
[G]Khi pe jaake mill jaayga
[D]Naaam ye tera [G]mera

[G]Log deewaane detey hai taane [C] [G]
[G]Log deewaane detey hai taane
[C]Dil to bs [D]dilki hi maane

[G]Naino se naina [Em]takraye
Na [D]jaane kya [C]dhoonde [G]ankhiyan
[G]Naino se naina [Em]takraayein
Na [D]jaane kya [C]dhoonde [G]akhiyaan
[G]Kaise tumhe ye [Em]samjhaaye
Na [D]jaane kya [C]dhoonde [G]ankhiyan

[G]Tu jb-jb mujhse ruthega
[G]Mera yr mera dil tutega
[G]Dil tutega jag chutegga
[G]Jb yr tu mujhse ruthega

[G]Tu jb-jb mujhse roothega
[G]Mera yr mera dil tootega
[G]Dil tuttega jag chuttega
[G]Jab yr tu mujhse ruthega

Duniyaa [G]deewaani(diwaani)
Log [Am]deewaane(diwaane)
Ishq [G]khudaayi(khudyaai)
kyu na yeh [Am]jaane(jane)

Duniyaa [G]deewaani(diwaani)
Log [Am]deewaane(diwaane)
Ishq [G]khudaayi(khudyaai)
kyu na yeh [Am]jaane(jaane)

[G]Naino se naina [Em]takraae
Na [D]jaane kya [C] dhoondein [G] ankhiyaan
[G]Naino se naina [Em]takraae
Na [D]jaane kya [C] dhoondein [G] ankhiyaan

Dhoondein Akhiyaan Video

Dhoonde Akhiyaan - Jabariya Jodi | Sidharth Malhotra, Parineeti Chopra | Tanishk , R Virag

Song Credits

Song Title: Dhoonde Akhiyaan
Singers/Artists: Yasser Desai and Altamash Faridi
Movie/Film: Jabariya Jodi
Music Composition: Tanishk Bagchi
Lyrics by Rashmi Virag
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Release Year: 18 July 2019

More About the Song: Dhoonde Ankhiyan is a soulful rendition. With some conversational lyrics and an amazing tune this track is a complete package to become a chartbuster song. The music is very refreshing and is like a sweet torrential downpour after days of scorching summer. There are a lot of crests and troughs in the tune and the beats vary between the verses. This makes the melody quite appealing. The use of percussions and other classical instruments imparts a folk and Sufi feel to this romantic number. The lyrics are filled with the tinge and hue of love. The song sings about how the lover’s eyes continuously keep on searching for the beloved and every love struck couple can find themselves relating to this song. Yasser is brilliant as usual and his dulcet and deep vocals are sheer bliss to the ears. Altamash has an immensely classically enriched voice and we cannot help but marvel at the bewitching Jugalbandi that these two present to us. This song has been filmed on the pretty Parineeti Chopra and the handsome Siddharth Malhotra, and their on-screen chemistry is just sizzling to watch. This song is the perfect mood setter on a romantic date night and is perfect for you if you want to serenade with your better half in your arms.
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