Chupi Chupi Mon Chords by Raj Barman

The Bengali music industry is unbeatable whenever it comes to romantic songs. It has always gifted us with some romantic evergreen superhits. Chupi chupi mon from the movie Love Story is no exception to this. Sung by the mellifluous Raj Barman and the mellifluent Prasmita, this song has been composed by the maestro Saavy and has been penned down by the poetic Riddhi Barua. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this track uses the flutes, the guitars, the piano and the drums quite euphoniously. Chupi chupi mon chords are easy and simple and can be played by the beginners too. The guitar chords of Chupi chupi mon are A, G, D, Bm, Em, F#m. The song has been played in the A scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Chupi chupi mon have a harmonious progression and follow a strumming pattern of DUDUD D D.

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Chupi Chupi Mon Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: A
Chords Used: A, G, D, Bm, Em, F#m
Strumming Pattern: DUDUD D D

[A] Chupi Chupi [Bm]mon, Tori [A]preme
Haralo ko[G]khon, Jani [A]na,
Chupi Chupi [Bm]mon, Tori [A]preme
Haralo ko[G]khon, Jani [A]na.

Tui [Bm]chara ke a[A]che bol?
Rojer [Gmaj7]ei din go[A]na,
Niye [Em]chol ama[A]ke,
Dekho [F#m]khushira dey ishara
Mone [G]sopno buni aan[A]kora
Aaj i[G]chera [A]pagol pa[Bm]ra.

Mone [G]sopno buni aanko[F#m]ra
Aaj i[G]chera [A]pagol [Bm]para.

Chure [D]de,
Hawayi-hawayi tor [A]naam
Behisebi iche pa[Bm]thalam.

Niye [Em]chol ama[A]ke
Dekho [F#m]khushira deyi isha[F#]ra
Mone [G]sopno buni aan[A]kora
Aaj i[G]chera [A]paagol pa[Bm]ra.

Ei [D]mon,
Hariye felechi tor [A]kache
Chobi [F#m]tor,
Ekechi anache-[Bm]kanache

Niye [Em]chol ama[A]ke,
Dkho [F#m]khushira deyi isha[F#]ra,
Mone [G]sopno buni aanko[A]ra
Aaj [G]ichera [A]pagol pa[Bm]ra.

Mone [G]sopno buni aanko[F#m]ra
Aaj [G]ichera [A]pagol pa[Bm]ra

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Chupi Chupi Mon | Love Story | Bonny Sengupta | Rittika Sen | Raj Barman | Prashmita | Savvy

More About this Song: Chupi chupi mon is a very heart-warming song. The lyrics are quite metaphorical and conversational. Riddhi has done a commendable job by wording down all those indescribable romantic feelings that are sheltered deep down in our hearts. The song croons about a blooming romance between a love-struck couple and how they are losing their hearts to each other involuntarily and unknowingly in secret. This is perhaps the story of every couple and they can find themselves relating to this beautiful melody. The music is soothing and refreshing. There are a few crests and troughs in the music and the tune is quite blissful to hear. The song is a journey of groovy beats, a subtle rhythm and some amorous emotions. Raj and Prasmita have both given us a stellar performance. Raj’s mesmerising vocals make us addicted to this song. His gentle and dulcet vocals are a treat to the ears. Prasmita has a very sweet voice and she compels us to come back to this track again and again. This song harmonises well with the romantic mood. And if you want to tell your beloved how much your love her and what she means to you play her this song and see how she goes gaga over you.

Song Credits

Song Title: Chupi Chupi Mon
Movie/Film: Love Story
Singers/Artists: Raj Barman & Prashmita
Music Composition: Savvy
Guitar Player: Ankur Mukherjee
Lyrics by Riddhi Barua
Music Label: Surinder Films Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Bengali (Bangla)
Release Date: 17 August 2019

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