Akhil – Rang Gora Chords With Strumming Pattern – Guitar (Punjabi)

Rang Gora Chords (Akhil) – Guitar | Presenting the Guitar Chords of latest Punjabi Song by Akhil – Rang Gaura. The lyrics of this romantic Punjabi song are penned by Jass Inder and sung by none other than Akhil. The Scale of this song is in D Chord. This song can be played with just 4 chords, chords that we’ve used to the play the rang gora are D, A, Bm, & G. The strumming pattern that you can try with this song is DDU UDU where U is Up Strum and D is Down Strum. Below we’ve shared the chord progression for this Song. Please let us know if you find any problem in playing this Latest punjabi Song.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DDU UDU

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Tempo: 80
Time Signature: 4/4
Scale: D
Chords: D, A, Bm, & G
Capo: Not Required

Intro Part – Bm, G, A, Bm, A

Rang Gora Guitar Chords

[D]Rang gora wakhra [A] tora
[D]Rang gora tera wakhra [A] tora[Bm]
Akkhan [Bm]biliyan da bhawein[A] jaal kudey

[D]Dil buliyan wada [A]sangda[Bm]
[D]Dil buliyan wada [A]sangda
Attt[Bm] lagdey ne [A]reshami baal[D] kudey

Rang [D]gora tera wakhra [A] tora [Bm]
Surkhh [Bm]rallan ohh chamm chamm kardi aan teri [A]ni
Siyalan waali [D]heer tu meri [A]ni
Has [D]ke tu shehar sara loot ke lai [A]jandi
Akhiyaan te naal gallan keh [A]jaandi

Tu [Bm]ambron paar di [A]lagdi
Uton[Bm] katilaana teri[A] chaal kude

[D]Rang gora wakhra [A]tora
[D]Rang gora tera wakhra[A] tora
Akkhaan [Bm]billiyaan da bhaawein[A] jaal kudey
[D]Dil bulliyan wada [A]sangda
[D]Dil bulliyan wada [A]sangda
Att[Bm] lagdey ne reshmi [A]baal kudey
Rang[D] gora tera wakhra [Bm]tora

[D]Me ambraan da chann
Tere pairi kar [G]deyann
Je aakhe jaan [A]has ke vaar deyann
[D]Langegi jadon tu meetha jeha
Sang ke [G]has ke ni
Ni sama mera[A] rokta tak ke ni

[D]Tu rab da [A]jawaab lagdi
Mere [Bm]dil da jo si[A] sawaal kudey

[D]Rang gora [A]wakhra tora
[D]Rang gora tera [A]wakhra tora
Akkhan[Bm] billiyan da bhawein[A] jaal kudey
[D]Dil bulliyan wada [A]sangda
[D]Dil bulliyan wada [A]sangda
Att [Bm]lagde ne reshmi [A]baal

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Rang Gora Song Video

AKHIL | RANG GORA (Official Video) | BOB | Latest Punjabi Song 2018 | Speed Records

Song Credits

Song Name: Rang Gora
Artist: Akhil
Lyrics: Jass Inder
Video: Sukh Sanghera
Music: BOB
Publicity Design: Shitanshu Shukla
Online Promotion: GK Digital
Label: Speed Records
Mix & Mastered: Nikku (7 Mystics)

Here we got you another latest punjabi song chords by Akhil – Rang Gora Song, hope you like the Rang Gora Notes.Found any corrections in the chords or lyrics? Please leave a comment below.
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