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Mon Aamar Guitar Chords | This is a 4 Chord song, the chords that we have used are A, D, E and F#m. We suggest you to play the song chords with D D UDUD D as the strumming pattern while the other pattern that we have for you is D UDUD UDUD where D is Down Stroke and U is Up Stroke and the song has BPM of 100.The feeling of falling in love and that fresh new charming emotion is something that we always cherish for life, and Mon Amar from Shesh theke Shuru is that serenading track that justifies this statement. Sung and composed by the brilliant Arko, this track has been penned by the poetic Pranjol. This guitar based number uses the drums, the violins and the piano at the background melodiously. The tempo is moderately paced with a signature 4/4 beat. This song is from the filmi soundtrack genre and the smooth flowing rhythm and the feet tapping beats are mesmerising. The guitar chords are very simple and the novice player can pick them in a jiffy. The progression of the chords is harmonious and subtle and this song is indeed a soulful rendition.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D D UDUD D
Alternate Patterns: D UDUD UDUD

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Guitar Chords in Detail

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Song Scale/Key
: A
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: A, D, E and F#m
BPM: 100
Rhythm Pattern: D D UDUD D or D UDUD UDUD

(A)Mon vebeche amar… hobi
(F#m)Mon ekeche moner cho(D)bi
(A)Mon vebeche amar… hobi
Mon ekeche moner ch(D)obi

(A)Kon hawa tey, kuaasha kete (D)jaaye
(A)Tui daariye, ei shohor hete (D)jaaye

(A)Mon amar oh Mon amar
Eyi (D)mon amar
Khoje (A)jotno tor
Shopne bibhor du(D)noyon amar

(A)Mon amar oh Mon amar
Eyi (D)mon amar
Khoje (A)jotno tor
Shopne bibhor du(D)noyon amar

(A)Mon vebeche amar… hobi
Mon ekeche (D)moner chobi
(A)Mon vebeche amar… hobi
Mon ekeche moner cho(D)bi

(A)Shob kichhu roilo tori hate
(F#m)Tor pichu nei jonaaki raate

(A)Tor kichhu jaaye ashe na taate
(D)Bujhbi bol, kobe bujhbi bol?
(A)Tori haasir golpo baje kane
(F#m)Fhire ashi mugdho se uj(D)ane(A)
Baan vashi ra bhaste thaka jaane
(D)Khujbi chol, aalo khujbi chol (E)

(A)Mon amar o Mon amar
Ei (D)mon amar
Khoje (A)jotno tor
Shopne bibhor du (D)noyon amar

(E) Ha (A)Mon amar o Mon amar
Ei (D)monn amar
Khoje (A)jotno tor
Shopne bibhor du (D)noyon amar

(A)O… oh… ho…

(A)Mon vebeche amaar… hobi
(D)Mon ekeche moner… chobi
(A)Mon vebeche amaar… hobi
(D)Mon ekeche moner… chobi

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Original Song Video


Song Credits

Song Title: Mon Amar
Singer: Arko, Pravo Mukherjee
Music Composition: Arko
Lyrics by Pranjol
Movie/Film: Shesh Theke Shuru
Starring: Jet & Koel
Language: Bangla (Bengali)
Country: India
Releasing Year: April 2019
Music Label: Grassroot Entertainment

More About the Song: Arko is a creative genius and is extremely talented. With the use of just few instruments and no heavy or exciting beats he has given us a very gentle and soothing track that is quite pleasant to the ears. The song has a very fascinating sensation about it. The lyrics are conversational and poetic. Pranjol has done a commendable job in carving and giving shape to those inexpressible feeling buried deep inside our hearts. The song talks about how the mind of the restless lover goes on searching for the beloved walking down the streets of his city and how she rests in his eyes. The song is about the feelings of a one sided lover and it has been beautifully conveyed through this melody. Arko has very gentle and velvety smooth vocals that make this track very heartfelt and heart- warming. His voice is mesmerising and attracts the listeners to listen to this song repeatedly on loop.

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