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Our country is the proud mother of some valiant soldiers who readily sacrifice their lives to just protect us and save us from every difficulty and obstacle. Udashi shon from the film Panther is a song that talks about the family of all those gallant warriors. Sung by the mellifluous Ishan Mitra, this melody has been composed by the talented Savvy and has been worded down by the poetic Ritam Sen. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this is a guitar based track with the euphonious use of drums, the piano and the flute. Udashi shon chords are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners easily as well. The guitar chords of Udashi shon are C, F, G, Am, Bb/A#, Dm. The track has been played in the D scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The capo has been placed in the 2nd fret.

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Udashi Shon Guitar Chords with Capo by Ishan Mitra

Song Scale/Key: D
Capo Position: 2nd fret
Chords Used: C, F, G, Am, Bb, Dm

Intro Music: [C]

Ki kore boli bol
Kon bya[F]thai mon pa[G]thor
Ki ko[C]re muchi bol
Chokhr [F]jol aajke [G]tor

Tara [C]ra kande, bhora bishade
Phire ta[A#]kano ba[F]ron
Keno [C]janina, haat chharina
Toke ban[A#]dhchi oka[Gm]ron

Ore [C]O Udashi [G]Shon
Khunje [Am]ne pherari [Em]kon
Toke [F]dukkho ditey [G]chaina
amar [C]mon

Ore [C]O Udashi [G]Shon,
Khunje [Am]ne pherari [Em/E#m]kon
Toke [Dm]dukkho ditey [G]chaina
amar [C]mon

Ki kore boli bol,
Kon bya[F]thai mon pa[G]thor
Ki ko[C]re muchi bol
Chokher [F]jol aajke [G]tor

Jodi [C]katha di, debo [F]sab kichu
Jaa [Dm]kichu toke [F]deoa [G]jai
Sara [C]raat dhore, maya ban[F]dore
Toke [Dm]rakhbo aaj paha[F]rai [G]

Dishe [C]hara din Swapne rangeen
Khonje [A#]abdarer ma[F]ne
[C]Mayabi prahar, ar ei sahor
[A#]Eka ki abhima[Gm]ne

Ore [C]O Udashi [G]Shon
Khunje [Am]ne pherari [Em]kon
Toke [F]dukkho ditey [G]chaina
amar [C]mon[G]

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More About this Song: Udashi shon is an extremely heart rendering track. The song is a tribute to the families of all the soldiers who have to accept the loss of their loved ones. The lyrics are very touching and emotional and you cannot help but shed tears as soon as you hear this song. Ritam Sen with his pen has created magic once again and has described grief in a very melodious manner. The music is soothing and pacifying. With a few crests and troughs in the melody, the tune is doleful and sorrowful. There is a deep sense of pathos imbibed in every bit of the song. The melancholic melody indeed is heart breaking. Ishan is beyond perfection. His gentle and dulcet vocals are totally mesmerising. The pain in his voice has been well brought out and it is for him that we are hooked onto this track. The song has been filmed on the handsome Jeet and the diva Shraddha Das, and the video is very heart wrenching. The melody harmonises well with the pensive and bittersweet mood. And if you are grieving on the loss of a very near one and want to let your agony out then this is the perfect track for you.



Song Credits

Song Title: Udashi Shon
Movie/Film: Panther
Singer/Artist: Ishan Mitra
Music Composition: Savvy
Lyrics by Ritam Sen
Releasing Year: 2019
Language: Benagli (Bangla)

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