Padmaavat: Binte Dil Chords with Strumming Pattern

Binte dil from the film Padmaavat is the song that needs no introduction or praise as it is one of the most beautiful and mesmerising compositions ever created by Bollywood. Binte dil has been sung by the mellifluous Arijit Singh, composed by the talented director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and penned down by the poetic A M Turaz. This melody uses several exotic instruments that give a very Arabic feel to it. This track hails from the Bollywood feature film soundtrack genre. Binte dil chords are of the medium level of difficulty and require skills on the part of the player to play them fluently. The guitar chords of Binte dil are Am, Dm, G, C, F, Em, E, A#. But it has an optional chord C7 (Instead of C7 you can also use C Chord). The song has a been played in the Am scale and has a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Binte dil follow a strumming pattern of D D UDUDD DU or DD UUDUD DU or D D UDUD D DU.

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Binte Dil Guitar Chords

Song Tempo: 90
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale/Key: Am
Chords Used: Am, Dm, G, C, F, Em, E, A#
Optional Chords: C7 (Instead of C7 you can also use C Chord)
Strumming Pattern: D D UDUDD DU or DD UUDUD DU or D D UDUD D DU

[Am]Binte dil [Dm]Misriyaan me
[G]Binte dil [C]Misriyaa me
[Am]Binte dil [Dm]Misriyaa me
[G]Binte dil [C]Misriyaan me

[F]Pesh hai kull shabaab khidmat [Am]ali janab
[F]Pesh hai kull [G]shabaab khidmat [C]ali janab

[Am]Aatish [F]qadaah ad[C]aaon [G]se
[Am]Aatish qad[F]aah adaon se
Jal [G]uthega apke
[G]Didaetaar ka hijaab

[Am]Binte dil Misr[F]iyaa me
[G]Binte dil Misr[C]iyaa me

Music: [Am] [Dm] [F] [Dm] [Em] [F] [G]

[Dm]Meh kash labo pe ane lagi hai
[Em]Pyaasi kurrbatein
[F]Hairatzada thi[G]kaane lagi hai
[C]Sari furka[C7/C]te

[Dm]Meh kash labo pe ane lagi hai
[Em]Pyaasi kurbate
[F]Hairat zada thi[G]kaane lagi hai
[C]Sari furka[C7/C]te

[F]Kaarizo pe [C]mere likh [Dm]zara [C]
[A#]Rifwaatein chaahato ka [E]silaa

[Am]Binte dil [Dm]Misriya me
[G]Binte dil [C]Misriya me

[F]Pesh hai kull shabaab khidmat a[Am]ali janaab
[F]Pesh hai kull [G]shabaab khidmat a[C]ali janaab

[Am]Aatis [F]qadaah ad[C]aaon [G]se
[Am]Aatish qad[F]aah adaon se
Jal [G]uthega apke
[G]Dida-ae-tar ka hijab

[Am]Binte dil Misr[F]iyaa mein
[G]Binte dil Misr[C]iyaa mein

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Padmaavat: Binte Dil Video Song | Arijit Singh | Ranveer Singh | Deepika Padukone | Shahid Kapoor

More About this Song: Binte dil is a song that focuses on the rhythmic arrangements more than anything else. The track with its middle-eastern vibe is nothing short of a genius. This melody has Arabic – Hindi mixed lyrics which are very conversational to hear. The music is a soulful rendition with a blissful feel. The tune is just enchanting and addictive and will make you addicted to this track. But what steals the show is Arijit’s spell binding vocals. His talent can be evidently seen by his stellar performance. His extremely strong and powerful voice makes us come back to this song again and again. This melody has an Arabic version as well named Biddek- eih which is as groovy as this one. The melody has a passionate sense and harmonises well with the romantic and relaxed mood. The video of this melody is a visual delight truly and Ranveer Singh and Jim Sarbh have made it more enticing and alluring. This song is just perfect for a romantic dinner date or some quietude with your lover in your arms. And if you are looking for some song to create that romantic and amorous ambience then look no further cause this is the ideal number for you.

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Movie Title: Padmaavat
Releasing Year: 2018
Lyrics by A M Turaz
Music Composition: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Music Label: T-Series
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

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