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Love has its mysterious ways and never fails to surprise us with its suddenness and beauty. Tomake bujhina priyo is a song that justifies this claim rightly. From the film Projapoti Biskoot, this soulful rendition has been sung by the mellifluous Chandrani Banerjee, composed by the versatile Prasen and has been penned down by the poetic Ritam Sen. This melody hails from the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the guitars very artfully. Tomake bujhina priyo chords are easy and even the beginners can play them effortlessly. The guitar chords of Tomake bujhina priyo are five in number and they are D, G, A, Em, Bm. The track has been played in the D scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Tomake bujhina priyo have a smooth progression and follow a strumming pattern of D UUD UUD. This melody is just a beautiful piece of music that will keep you bewitched.

Tomake Bujhina Priyo Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: D
Chords Used: D, G, A, Em, Bm

[G]Tomake [D]bujhina priyo
[A]Bojhona Tumi [D]amay
[A]Duroto bare [G]jogaajog
Nibhe [D] jai[G]

[G]Tomake bujhina [Bm]priyo
[D]Bojhona Tumi amay
[A]Durotto bare [G]jogajog
Nibhe jai[D]

[D]Gorad shoke surjo [G]mukhi
[D]Gorad [G]shoke surjo [D]mukhi
[Em]Khoiri kudhirr phooll
[A]Surjo khunje berai

[E]Hmmm [G]hmmm [E]hmm
Hmm [G]hmm umm mm hmm mm[D]
Mmm [D]mm hmmm mm hmmm [A]mm
Hmm [G]hmm mmmm mmmmmm [D]mm

[D]Tomake Janina [Bm]priyo
[G]Janona tumi [D]amay
[A]Siter beral [Em]khele
Ghaser [G]chayai[D]

[G]Tomake Janina [Bm]priyo
[G]Janona tumi [D]amay
[A]Siter beral [Em]khele
Ghaser [D]chayaai

[D]Du chokhe tar [G]panna bahar
Du chokhe tar Panna [D]bahar
[Em]Kanna jomay [A]kothai kothai

[G]Hmm [D]mm [A]mm
[G]Mmmm hmmm [D]mm

[D]Tomake dakina priyo
[Bm]Dakona tumi [D]amay
[A]Jolopropat [G]mate rupor mayai[D]

[D]Tomake dakina [Bm]priyo
[G]Dakona tumi [D]amay
[A]Jolopropat [G]mate rupor mayai[D]

[D]Tulona hina [G] joler kinar
[D]Tulona [G]hina joler [D]kinar
[Em]Tomar chuler moto
[A]anmone angul do[D]bay [A]

[D]Mmm [Em]mm [G]mm mm [A]mm
Mm [G]mmm mm [A]mm
[G]hmm mm mm [D]mm [G]mm
[Em]hmm [G]mmmm [D]mm

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More About this Song: Tomake bujhina priyo is a very sweet and euphonious melody that is definitely one of the best compositions gifted to us by the Bengali music industry. The lyrics are immensely conversational and emotional. This heart-warming song croons about how the lover fails to understand the beloved and his heart. These simple feelings do bring a smile on our face and Ritam Sen has wonderfully carved this beautiful romance into such an appealing number. The music is soft and subtle and has no fast or exciting beats. Devoid of any crest or trough, the song is a smooth journey of some emotions and rhythm. However, what makes this track more appealing is Chandrani’s classically enriched vocals. Her gentle yet powerful voice makes us come back to this track again and again. This melody sounds soothing and relaxing in moments of solitude and quietude when you are alone reminiscing about the happy memories with your beloved. It harmonises quite well with a refreshed and jovial mood. And well, if you are having some tiff with your better half, play this song and see how anger melts into love and happiness.

Song Credits

Song Title: Tomake Bujhina Priyo
Film/Movie: Projapoti Buiskoot
Singer/Artist: Chandrani
Music Composition: Prasen
Lyrics by Ritam sen
Language: Bengali
Releasing Year: 2017

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