Kidnap – Guitar: Ektu Jayga Dena Chords with Strumming Pattern

Ektu jayega dena is a very peppy and bubbly song that will make you run to the dance floor and groove with your better half. The melody is from the film Kidnap, and has been sung by the mellifluous Armaan Malik, composed by the maestro Jeet Gannguli and penned down by the poetic Ritam Sen. This song is from the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the guitars, the drums and several other instruments euphoniously. Ektu jayga dena chords are simple and can be played by the beginner with ease. The guitar chords of Ektu jayga dena are five in number and they are Am, G, F, Em, & C. The chords of Ektu jayga dena have a harmonious progression and follow a strumming pattern of D UD D. This track has been played in the Am scale with a signature 4/4 beat and a moderately paced tempo.

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Ektu Jayga Dena Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: Am
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: Am, G, F, Em, & C
Rhythm Pattern: D UD D

(Am) Ektu jayga dena (F)
Amay(C)ektu jaayga dena
(G)Jeno torr a(Em)ador makhte(F)pari

(Am)Ektu jayga dena
Amay(C) ektu jayga dena
(G)Jeno(Em)torr khoborr rakhte(F)pari
Jeno(Em)tor khobor rakhte(F)paari

(Am)Toke niye(G)kije kori buj(F)hina
(Am)Toke chara(G)keno kichhu khuj(Am)jina

(Am)Mone mone tor(F)nesha nesha ghor
Phire-fhire toke(E)chawa
(Am)Kachha-kachhi thak, chokhe(F)chokhe daak
(G)Elo melo dikk(Am)hawa

Mone mone tor(F)nesha nesha ghor
(E)Phire phire toke(G)chawa
(Am)Kachha kachhi thak, (F)chokhe chokhe daak
Elo melo(G)dikk(Am)hawa

Ektu jayga(G)dena
Amay(F) ektu jayga dena
Jeno(Em) tor pashe hant tey(F) paari
Jeno(Em) tor sathe banchtey(F) paari

(Am)Kaana-kaani hokk, Jana jani(F) hokk
Chuppi-chuppi (Em)kachhe (G)jawwa
(Am)Hasi-hasi mukh, luko(F)churi sukh
Bhaalobeshe(G)kachhe pawwa

(Am)Kaana kaani hok, jaana(F)jaani hokk
(Em)Chuppi chuppi kache(G) jawwa
(Am)Hasi-hasi mukh, luko(F) churi sukh
(G)Bhaalobeshe kache paw(Am)aa

Ektu jayga(G) dena
Amay(F) ektu jayga (G)dena
Jeno tor(Em) aador makhtey(F)paari

(Am)Ektu jayga dena
Amay(C)ektu jayga dena
Jeno(Em)tor khobor rakhte(F)paari
Jeno(Em)tor khobor (F)rakhte (C)paari(Am)

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Original Song Video

Ektu Jayga Dena | Kidnap | Dev | Rukmini Maitra | Armaan Malik | Jeet Gannguli

More About the Song: Ektu jayga dena is one of the most popular romantic songs composed by the Bengali film industry. The song has a different groovy feel and you are forced to sway to this rocking tune and tap your feet to the beats. The music is very jovial and creates a very cheerful and romantic mood. The lyrics are quite lovey dovey and every love struck couple can find themselves relating to this number and smiling without any reason. Jeet Gannguli has done a commendable job along with his entire crew and has gifted us with another fine composition. Armaan Malik is as usual stellar and his gentle and soothing vocals compel us to come back to this song again and again. Filmed on the handsome Dev and the beautiful Rukmini, their on screen chemistry is just a delight to watch. This track is perfect for a romantic date where you can serenade with your lover in your arms, or just do a small jig with your lady love on the dance floor. And like Dev, if you want to dedicate a song to someone special, then search no further cause this is just the melody that you are looking for.

Song Credits

Song Title: Ektu Jayga Dena
Singer/Artist: Armaan Malik
Music Composition: Jeet Ganguli
Lyrics by Ritam Sen
Movie/Film: Kidnap
Releasing Year: 2019
Music Label: Surinder Films
Country: India
Language: Bangla (Bengali)

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