Ed Sheeran – Best Part of Me Guitar Chords with Strumming Pattern

Ed Sheeran is someone who can make everyone fall deeply in love even if that person is single. This is because Sheeran has the magical powers to describe and define romance in a way that no one else could or ever can. Best part of me from the album No. 6 Collaborations Project is the song that testifies this claim. Sung by Sheeran, it has been written and composed by Sheeran himself along with Yebba, Blanco, Abbey Smith and Benjamin Levin. From the pop genre, this track uses the guitars, the bass and the keyboards artfully. Best part of me chords are simple and easy. The guitar chords of Best part of me are four in number and they are D, A, G, Bm. The track has been played in the D scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Best part of me follow a strumming pattern of DUD D.

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Best Part of Me Chords

Song Key/Scale: D
Chords Used: D, A, G, Bm
Strumming Pattern: DUD D

[D] [A][Bm] [G]
[D] [A][Bm] [G]

[Verse 1]
[D]My lungs are black, my he[A]art is pu[Bm]re [G]
[D]My hands are scarred from nig[A]hts bef[Bm]ore [G]
[D]And.. my hair is thinning, [A]falling [Bm]out of all the wrong pla[G]ces
[D]I’m a little [A]insecu[Bm]re[G]

[Verse 2]
[D]My eyes are crossed, but they[A]are still bl[Bm]ue[G]
[D]I bite my nails & te[A]ll the tr[Bm]uth [G]
[D]I go from thin to [A]overw[Bm]eight, day to day it fl[G]uctuates
[D]My skin is inked, but fa[A]ded, to[Bm]o…[G]

But [G]she loves me,[D] she loves me
[A] Why the he[Bm]ll would she lo[A]ve me[G]
When she could have an[D]yone el[A]se
Oh[G] you love me[D] you love me

[A]Why the he[Bm]ll would you lo[A]ve me[G]
Because I don’t ev[D]en love my[A]self

[D]Ba[A]by, the [G]best part of m[Bm]e i[A]s y[D]ou[A] [G]
And [D]late[A]ly, [G]everything’s m[Bm]aki[A]ng s[D]ense, to[A]o
Oh, baby, [G]I’m so in lo[Bm]ve wi[A]th you

[D] [A][Bm] [G]
[D] [A][Bm] [G]

[Verse 2]
[D]I overthink a[A]nd still forg[Bm]ive [G]
[D]I lose my phone and… [A]place m[Bm]y bits[G]
[D]And… I never catch the tra[A]in on ti[Bm]me, always 30 min[G]utes beh[D]ind
Your worries ain’t s[A]een noth[Bm]ing yet..[G]

[Pre-Chorus 2]
But[G]you love me[D]you love me
[A]Why the he[Bm]ll you love me s[G]o
When you could have [D]anyone el[A]se?
Yeah! [G]he loves me[D] he loves me
[A]And… I bet he ne[Bm]ver le[A]ts me g[G]o
And… shows me ho[D]w to love my[A]self

Because [D]ba[A]by… the [G]best part of m[Bm]e i[A]s yo[D]u [A] woa[G]ah
And… [D]lat[A]ely, [G]everything is ma[Bm]ki[A]ng se[D]nse t[A]oo
Baby [G]I am so in lo[Bm]ve wi[A]th you

[D] [A] [Bm] [G]
[D] [A] [G] [G]

[D]Ba[A]by the [G]best part of m[Bm]e i[A]s yo[D]u [A] woo[G]ah
And… [D]lat[A]ely, [G]everything is ma[Bm]ki[A]ng se[D]nse t[A]oo
Baby [G]I am so in lo[Bm]ve
Wi[A]th you… o[A]hh
Baby [G]I am so in lo[Bm]ve wi[A]th you
[D]Yeah! ye[A]ah
Baby [G]I am so in lo[Bm]ve wi[A]th you… [D]

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Ed Sheeran - Best Part Of Me (feat. YEBBA) [Official Lyric Video]

More About this Song: Best part of me is a romantic ballad with some groovy beats and a serenading music. The tune is very soothing and soft and has a relaxing and refreshing feel. This melody has no crests and troughs in it and is a smooth flow of rhythm and feelings. The track has very light and subtle instruments in the background and play on a slow note throughout which makes this track even more addictive. Sheeran is always mesmerising and his smooth, gentle and dulcet vocals really steal our heart away. Yebba is just phenomenal. Her voice is filled with trills and is quite classically enriched. Her vocals are immensely powerful and strong and we cannot help but admire her enchanting performance. This track slows things down, and an energetic and excited heart can be pacified instantaneously by this amorous number. The video of this song is nothing but a delight to see as the graphic visuals are quite fun to watch. This song is a perfect mood setter on a romantic date with your lover in your arms. And if you want to make her forever yours, then play this to her as nobody can win a girl’s heart better than Sheeran.

Song Credits

Song Title: Best Part of Me
Artist/Singer: Ed Sheeran ft. Yebba
Album Name: No.6 Collaborations Project
Release Date: 4 July 2019
Language: English

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