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Kalboishakhi Chords – কালববশাখী চৌর্য – গিটার | Presenting the another latest bengali song – Kalboishakhi Asuk. The lyrics of this melodious song are penned by Anupam Roy and the song is sung by none other than Anupam Roy. The guitar for this song has been played by Rishabh Ray and the drums part is covered by Sandipan Parial while Kaustav Biswas has covered the bass of the song. Below we’ve shared the full guitar chord progression of this song in detail along with the other basic information about the song like song scale, strumming pattern etc. The scale of this song is in G Scale and this song is just a 4 chord song and the chords that we’ve used to the song are G, Am, D & C.

Strumming Pattern: DD D D D D
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

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Kalboishakhi Chords – কালববশাখী চৌর্য – গিটার

Scale: G Major
Chords Used: G, Am, D, C

(G)Kal kal kal kal kal (D)boishaakhi (Am)aasuk
Amar (G)aj boishakhi (Em)aasuk (G)akaash (D)jurey
(G)Kal kal kal kal kal (D)boishakhi (A)asuk
Amar (G)aj boishakhi (Em)aasuk (G)akaash (D)jurey

(G)Beguni rongey (D)aami
(C)Cycle chaliye (Am)tomar (G)baari
(G)Oi bagane dari(D)ye
(C)Bhule jai kaatha (Am)darka(G)ri

(G)Beguni rongey (D)aami
(C)Cycle chaliye (Am)tomar (G)baari
(G)Oi bagane dar(D)iye
(C)Bhule jai katha (Am)darkaG)ari

(C)Mukh phrale tumi (D)jei
(D)Porda tene rakhe (G)janlaa
(C)Railgarir oi banshi(D)te
(D)Chute chaley durr (G)palla
(D)Sei samay dupur adhghume sobai
(Am)Takhan tomar (G)parai

(G)Kaal kaal kaal kaal kaal (D)boishakhi (Am)asuk
Amar (G)aj boishakhi (Em)aasuk (G)akaash (D)jurey
(G)Kal kaal kaal kal kaal (D)boishakhi (A)asuk
Amar (G)aj boishakhi (Em)aasuk (G)akaash (D)jurey

(G)Megh  korey ase (D)chokhey
(C)Chadd periye chole (Am)jaao  (G)chule
(G)Haowa dile phire (D)eso
(C)Clipe e darite jar(Am)ao (G)chule

(G)Megh  korey ase (D)chokhey
(C)Chad periye chole (Am)jaao  (G)chule
(G)Haowa dile phire (D)eso
(C)Clipe e darite ja(Am)rao (G)chuley

(C)Premiker bibo(D)ron
(D)Casseter phite jor(G)iye
(C)Biye bari saje (D)monn
(D)Sudhu pencil ghuri(G)ye
(D)Sei samay dupur adhghume sobai
(Am)Takhan tomar (G)parai

(G)Kal kal kal kaal kaal… (D)boishaakhi (Am)ashuk
Amar (G)aj boishakhi (Em)asuk (G)akash (D)jure
(G)Kal kaal kal kal kal… (D)boishakhi (A)ahsuk
Amar (G)aj boishakhi (Em)asuk (G)akash (D)jure

কাল – কাল – কাল – কাল,
কালবৈশাখী আসুক,
আমার আজ বৈশাখী আসুক,
আকাশ জুড়ে। – [ ২ বার ]

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Song Video

Kalboishakhi (কালবৈশাখী) | Official Video | Full Song | New Bengali Single | Anupam Roy | SVF Music

Song Credits

Song Name: Kalboishakhi
Starring: Anupam Roy, Sakshi Gupta, Arunima, Neel
Lyrics, Music & Vocals by Anupam Roy
Arranged & Programmed by Nabarun Bose
Guitar by Rishabh Ray
Bass by Kaustav Biswas
Drums by Sandipan Parial
Recorded by Srirup Chatterjee and Debojit Sengupta
Recorded at Sonic Solution
Mixed and mastered by Shomi Chatterjee
Production Manager Jayanta Kar
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: Bangla (Bengali)

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