A Star Is Born | SHALLOW Guitar Chords by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Shallow Chords | Some songs do not need any introductions as their name itself says it all. Shallow from A Star is Born, is one such song. Lady Gaga’s sturdy vocals and Bradley Cooper’s euphoniously enigmatic voice has won this song not only prestigious nominations and accolades like the Best Pop Duo Performance and the Best Song written for Visual Media in the 61st Grammy Annual Awards and the Best Original Song in the 91st Academy Awards; but also high positions in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. This stunningly powerful duet from the country folk pop genre has captivated the hearts of millions of people all over the world. The melody has a moderate 96 tempo and has been played in the G major with a very harmonious progression of the chords. The song has been penned by Lady Gaga, Andrew Wyatt, Anthony Rossomando and Mark Ronson. And the drums, lap steel guitars, keyboards, acoustic guitars, bass and the percussion instruments have been used brilliantly to create this symphony.

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Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: G
No. of Chords: 7
Chords Used: G, Em7, C, D, Am, G/Am, & F#/D
Rhythm Pattern: D UUD UUD

Intro Music:

[Em7] [F#/D] [G] [C] [G] [D]
[Em7] [F#/D] [G] [C] [G] [D]

[Em7]Tell [F#/D]me something [G]girl [C]
Are you happy in [G]this modern [D]world?[Em7]
How [F#/D]do you need [G]more?
[C] Is there something else you are [G]searching [D]for?

[Em7]I am [F#/D]falling[G]
[C]In all the good times I[G]find my[D]self
Long[Em7]ing [F#/D]for [G]change
[C]And in the bad times [G] I fear my[D]self

[Em7] [F#/D] [G]
[Em7] [F#/D] [G]

Verse starts here
[Em7]Tell [F#/D]me something… [G]boy[C]
Are not you tired trying [G]to fill that[D]void?[Em7]
Or [F#/D]do you need [G]more?
[C]Ain’t it hard keeping it[G]so hard[D]core?

[Em7]I am [F#/D]falling[G]
[C]In all the good times I[G]find my[D]self
Long[Em7]in’ [F#/D]for [G]change
[C]And in the bad times [G] I fear my[D]self

Chorus starts here
[Am]I am off the deep [G/Am]end, [F#/D]watch as I dive in
[G]I’ll never [D]meet the [Em7]ground
[Am]Crash through the [G/Am]surface
[F#/D]where they can’t hurt us
[G]We are far from the [D]shallow [Em7]now

Post chorus starts here
[Am] In the [G/Am]sha howw
[F#/D]shallow [G]
In the [D]shaa shaa
shalaala laa[Em7]llow
[Am]In the [G/Am]shaa-haa, shallow
We’re [G]far from the [D]shallow [Em7]now

Bridge here
[Bm]Ho..ho oh oo oho [D] oho
[A]Whooaah!! haa haa[Em7]aa
Ooo aaa[Bm]aaa
Whooaah ohh aa[D]haa aaa

Chorus starts here
[Am]I am off the deep end… [F#/D]watch as I dive-in
[G]I will never [D]meet the [Em7]ground
[Am]Crash through the surface…
[F#/D]where they can’t hurt us
We’re [G]far from the shal[D]low [Em7]now

Chorus starts here again
[Am] In the[G/Am]sha howw
In the [D]shaa-shaa…
shaalaala laa[Em7]llow
[Am]In the [G/Am]shaa-haa, shallow
We’re [G]far from the [D]shallow [Em7]now

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Song Information: This number is very impactful as it talks about self-realisation and self-awareness. Every listener can relate to it and maybe that’s why it is so endearing. Inspired by Eric Clapton, the opening introductory music was played on the acoustic guitar to give Shallow that country music vibe with that pop touch. The instruments harmonise with the roaring vocals of the phenomenal Lady Gaga. The song begins with a restraint by Cooper and from the second verse Lady Gaga takes control of it. The entire track is a 3 minutes 37 seconds of journey into self-exploration. The song has a deep emotion infused in it and the soulful and soothing melody keeps us coming back to it. Like a heavenly breeze, this melody calms our weary minds and the deeply enriched lyrics with the beautiful metaphors filled in them presents to us some answers that maybe our wandering souls are in a quest for.

Original Song Video

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (from A Star Is Born) (Official Music Video)

Song Credits

Song/Album Title: Shallow
Artist/Singers/Vocals: Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga
Album Title: A Star Is Born
Language: English (Non-Hollywood)
Releasing Year: 2019
Feeling: Country Song

More About the Song: This musical composition is an evergreen song and will continue to rule our hearts in the coming decades as well. The immensely roaring and robust vocals of Lady Gaga and her falsetto voice in the aria has no wonder won her all these numerous accolades and the well-deserved fame. Cooper has done a praiseworthy job but it is Lady Gaga who steals the show. The instruments have been used perfectly and give a very soothing and blissful effect. The use of the different guitars in the creation of this ballad shows the musical creativity of the composers. Due to the heavy reliance on the guitars, the chords have a high difficultly level and require certain proficiency in the guitarist’s part to learn them. The beat, the rhythm all are just too perfect and the continuous top positions in the music charts all over the world speak about the craze for and the beauty of the song. The song will entice you and take you to a contemplative world and if you are out on a long trip on the highway, sitting by the window with earphones plugged in your ears, well this song will be the ideal fellow passenger for your journey. And if you are looking for challenges, then maybe try strumming the chords on the guitar and perform this on your fest to win hearts and the first prize.

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