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Toke Chara Guitar Chords | Do you love the songs of Jubin Nautiyal? If yes! then these chords of latest bengali song is for you. Tor Chara song is sung by Jubin Nautiyal and lyrics penned down by Ritam Sen over the music composition of talented composer Jeet Gannguli and Surinder Films Pvt. Ltd. has produced the song under their music label. If we talk about the chord progression of this song then as the key scale of this song is in A Chord so the family chords for this songs are A, F#m, Bm & E Chord. This song belongs to the upcoming movie – Jamai Badal.

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Toke Chara Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: A
No. of Chords
: 4
Chords Used
: A, F#m, Bm & E

Intro Tabs: To play these tabs you need to hold the A Chord and play the below tabs twice.

E |-----------------------------------|
B |--------5----------5---------------|
G |------6---6------6---6-4-----------|
D |----7----------7-------------------|
A |--7----------7---------------------|
E |-----------------------------------| (Two Times)

(A)Toke roz sakale dekhte ichhey (F#m)hoye
(A)Toke sange pelle korbo judho (F#m)joye

(A)Toke roz sakale dekhte ichhe (F#m)hoy
(A)Toke sange pelle korbo juddho (F#m)joy

(Bm)Sara raat dhore mayaa bandhore
Tor (E)thikaana
Khuje-khujey (A)ash mitenna
(A)Toke chada din kaatey (E)naa
(A)Surr kaate taal laage (E)na
(A)Toke chada bhal laage (E)na

(A)Toke roz sakale dekhte iche (F#m)hoye
(A)Toke sange pele korbo judho (F#m)joye(A)aye

(A)Michi-michi kichhu michhu khun sutti
Torr (F#m)amar
(Bm)Megheder kalorobey school chutti
(A)Brishti namaye
(A)Daak naame deke othye chuppi sare
Priyo pichhu (F#m)taan
(Bm)Sapner okhorey dana melle
(A)Obak o(E)daan

(A)Toke roz sakale dekhte iche (F#m)hoye
(A)Toke sangey pele korbo judho (F#m)joyy

(A)Toke onno naame dakte ichhe (F#m)hoye
(A)Torr gondho mekhey thktey iche (F#m)hoye

(Bm)Sara raat dhore maya bandore
Tor (E)theekana
Khuje-khuje (A)aash mitenna
(A)Toke chada din kaate (E)naa
(A)Surr kaate taal laagey (E)na
(A)Toke chada bhall laage(E)na

Khuje-khuje (A)aash mittena
(A)Toke chada din kaate (E)naa
(A)Surr kaate taal laagey (E)naa
(A)Toke chada bhal laage(E)na

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Original Song Video

Toke Chara | Jamai Badal | Soham | Koushani | Jeet Gannguli | Jubin Nautiyal | Hiraan | Paayel

Song Credits

Song Name: Toke Chara
Movie/Film: Jamai Badal
Singer/Artist: Jubin Nautiyal
Music Composition: Jeet Gannguli
Lyricist: Ritam Sen
Starring: Soham and Kaushani
Language: Bengali (Bangla)
Produced by Surinder Films Pvt. Ltd.
Releasing Year: 2018

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