Guitar: Manush Ekhono Manusher Pashe Chords

For all those who prefer and loves to play Bangla song, today we have a song from the upcoming movie – Reunion. The lyrics of this song are penned by Joy Sarkar, composed by Rajib Chakraborty and by dynamic duos Rupankar Bagchi & Rupam Islam. This song is about making a change that we need in the society. Murari M Rakshit has directed this movie. You’ll love this song because it’s a guitar based song so it will excite you more to play and this song uses 4 chords and those 4 chords are quiet easy to be played by beginners to, chords you need to know are Am, G, C, & F Chord and this song is released on the Amara Muzik Bengali Youtube channel.

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Manush Ekhono Manusher Pashe Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: C
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: C, Am, G, and F
Rhythm Pattern: D DUDU

(C)Manush ekhono manusher pashe
Jaini toh aajo (Am)bhese
(C)Sirayi sirayi eki protashaa
(F)Hazaar sapathey (G)meshe

(C)Manush ekhono manusher pashe
Jaini to ajjo (Am)bhese
(C)Sirai-sirai eki protashaa
(F)Hazaar sapathey (G)meshe

(C)Pather dabi patheyi rakhaa
(G)Patheyi dekha (Am)habe
(F)Bandu tomar (Dm) sapno banchook
(G)Agamir bipp (C)lobe

(C)Batashe jra mishiyechhe bishh
Manush jara (Em) mare
(C)Tomar slogan chadk agun
(G)Dhangsho kro (C) tare

(C)Batashe jra mishiyechey bishh
Manush jara (Em) mare
(C)Tomar slogan chadak agun
(G)Dhangsho kro (C) tare

(Am)Aapos tumi koro na ekon
(G)Samaay bolche esso
(Am)Bayriker hokk pothey pranthore
(G)Manush ke bhaalo beso

(C)Patherr dabi patheyi rakha
(G)Patheyi dekha (Am)habey
(F)Bandhu tomaar (Dm) sapno banchukk
(G)Agamir bip (C) lobe

(C)Pather dabi pathei rakhaa
(G)Patheyi dekha (Am)habe
(F)Bandu tomaar (Dm) sapno banchhuk
(G)Agamir bip (C) lobe

(C)Tumi sanaatan tumi bidron
Jhad jaley tolpad
(C)Tomaar jono prithibirr pathe
Muthoo chde so (Am)char

(C)Tumi sanaatan tumi bidroh
Jhad jaley tolpad
(C)Tomar jono prithibirr pathe
Muthon chde so (Am) chhaar

(Am)Bikhobey acho bisaasey bancho
(G)Pratirodhe bandho surr
(Am)Paye-paye chlo surjeyrr deshey
(G)Mekhe rodurr

(C)Pather dbi patheyi rakha
(G)Pathei dekha (Am)hube
(F)Bandhu tomaar (Dm)sapno banchukk
(G)Aagamir bip (C) lobe

(C)Patherr dabi patheyi rakha
(G)Pathei dekha (Am)habey
(F)Bandu tomarr (Dm)sapno banchukk
(G)Agamir bip (C)lobe

(C)Pather dabi pathei rakha
(G)Patheyi dekha (Am)habe
(F)Bandu tomar (Dm) sapno banchukk
(G)Agaamir bip (C)lobey

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Original Song Video

Manush Ekhono Manusher Pashe | Bangla Video Song | REUNION| Rupankar | Rupam Islam | Joy Sarkar

Song Credits

Song Name: Manush Ekhono Manusher Pashe
Film/Movie: Reunion
Singer/Artist: Rupankar Bagchi & Rupam Islam
Music Composition: Joy Sarkar
Lyricist: Rajib Chakraborty
Production: MMR Films
Music Label: Amara Muzik Bengali
Language: Bengali (Bangla)
Releasing Year: 2018

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