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Tere bin kive is a very romantic number that instantly brings a smile on your face. It is a single sung and composed by the mellifluous Ramji Gulati and penned down by the poetic Moody and Akhtar. This track uses the violin, guitars, the drums and the other string and wind instruments. Tere bin kive chords are simple and easy. There are three guitar chords of Tere bin kive which are F#, B & C#. There is also an additional chord which is G#m. The melody has a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. Tere bin kive guitar chords have a smooth and harmonious progression and a strumming pattern of D DUUD or DD UDUD. The song has been played in the F# scale. This amorous number is of the feature film soundtrack genre and has a very groovy beat which will make you sway to its catchy tune.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D DUUD or DD UDUD

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Tere Bin Kive Guitar Chords

Song Scale: F#
No. of Chords: 3
Chords Used: F#, B, & C#
Additional Chord: G#m
Strumming Pattern: DD UDUD

Intro Music:
F#, B, F#, B, C#

Main tere bin [F#]kive ravaangi
Saah das [B]kive lavaa[F#]ngi
Main tere bin [F#]kive ravaangi
Saah das [B]kive lavaa[C#]ngi

[F#]Tu khush rh lenda mere bina pr
[B]Mera na tere bina [F#]sarda
Me [F#]lakh samjha leya is dil nu
Eh [B]meri na prwaah [C#]karda

Ve eh gal [F#]sachi hai [B]sajna
Ve eh gal [F#]pakki hai [B]sajna
Rozz mein [B]akhaan bharaan[F#]gi

Me tere bin [F#]kiwe ravaangi
Saah das [B]kiwe lava[F#]ngi
Me tere bin [F#]kiwe ravaangi
Saah das [B]kiwe lava[C#]ngi

F#, B, F#, B, C#

[F#]Mainu taan tera
Har [B]velle fikr hai [F#]rhnda
[F#]Par me jeevaan ya maraan
Tennu [B]koi fark nhi [C#]penda (Two Times)

Mainu [F#]pata tu auna [B]nhi
Mainu [F#]pata tu auna [B]nhi
Fir v [B]udeekk karaaan[F#]gi

Tere bin [F#]kivein rawaangi
Saah das [B]kivein lawaan[F#]gi
Tere bin [F#]kivein rawaangi
Saah das [B]kivein lawaan[F#]gi

F#, B, F#, B, F#, B
F#, B, F#, B

[F#]Me taan tere naal [B]enna kitta sajna
[F#]Hunn tu vi aivein [B]yaara peeche [C#]hatna

[F#]Me taan tere naal [B]enna kitta [F#]sajna
[F#]Hunn tu vi aivein [B]yaara peeche [C#/F#]hatna

Je tu he das [F#]apna na [B]hoya
Tu hi das [F#]apna naa [B/G#m]hoya
Kihnnu me [B]apna [F#]kahwaangi

Tere bin [F#]kive ravaangi
Saah das [B]kive lawaan[F#]gi
Me tere bin [F#]kive ravaangi
Saah das [B]kive lawaan[F#/G#m]gi

Outro Music:
F#, B, F#, B, C#, F#
B, F#, B, F#

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Original Song Video

Tere Bin Kive | Ramji Gulati | Jannat Zubair & Mr. Faisu | Zee music originals

More About the Song: Tere bin kive is a Punjabi track and therefore has the typical Punjabi jovial and bubbly feel. It has a very happy mood and you can not help but snap your fingers and tap your feet. The lyrics are filled with the flavour of love and sing about how the love smitten guy can not live without the beloved. The lyrics are quite conversational. The tune is addictive and it will haunt you throughout the day. Ramji is as usual marvellous and his gentle and soothing voice is quite a treat to the ears. Tere bin kive is a very sweet song and is quite the mood lifter. The melody has been filmed on Jannat, Ramji, Mr. Faisu and Aayan and the video is indeed mesmerising to watch. The track is ideal for a date night or for all those jilted one sided lovers who still haven’t confessed their deep hidden feelings to their crush. And if you are planning to propose your someone special in such a way that she cant refuse you, or make your lover feel special, then strum the chords of this song and see how your charm entices her making her go all crazy for you.

Song Credits

Song Title: Me Tere Bin Kive Rawangi
Singer/Artist: Ramji Gulati
Music Composition: Ramji Gulati
Lyrics by Moody, Akkhar
Language: Punjabi
Releasing Year: 10 June 2019
Country: India
Music Label: Zee Music Company

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