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If I say Guitar Chords by Mumford & Sons | “This song really makes my heart beat in a different way” was the first thought that popped into my mind after listening to 4 minutes and 31 seconds (and then on repeat) of the most heartwarming songs by Mumford and Sons, If I Say. The band with hits like- I Will Wait and Hopeless Wanderer, released this latest song from their upcoming album, Delta.

The reason why Mumford and sons are so passionately loved and adored, and are one of the most successful bands is because of their use of instruments, it’s like they do full justice to them; the instruments are enough to pour out all the emotions, emotions of pain, sadness, longing everything. After a tough day at work, or at college, or at home, the backing harmonies, the layered instrumentation, the heart touching lyrics keep the listener at ease. The sprinkle of the violin in this song makes the listener feel as if they are floating, with no shackles binding them.
This song itself is extremely relatable, the need to hold back even when there are bottled up emotions waiting to be poured out, and then finally letting it all out. The buildup is extremely pleasing and gives a mellow vibe, the song builds slowly in the first one and a half minute, the drum beats and guitar riffs make the lyrics come to life, the song has an orchestral touch to it with headphones on and eyes closed. The last 1 minute gives us a feeling of euphoria; the strings are dancing and giving meaning to the wonderfully sung vocals. It’s like the vocals and instruments are weaved into each other to tell the same story yet being completely independent. Mumford and sons give us an emotional rollercoaster, where the tears flow without the listener even knowing and it’s just not the lyrics or the instruments solely, it’s the whole entire set. Almost similar to a Hozier song. The lead vocalist knows how to bend his vocals to keep the song running, each time you listen to this track you feel a different feeling.

it’s very rare to find a band focusing on the music first and then the lyrics, right before the second stanza they touch a different tempo and suddenly you see yourself jamming to their tones. Their understanding of music is visible, stringed instruments are used at its best, their harmonies are on point and in sync, there aren’t any unnecessary elements added to it. The dynamics and the density of this song make you come back to it, as it has a healing power and it definitely lifts your spirits up. The best part about this song is that it’s something that you could listen to on any mood, it could be on a sad cold rainy morning or even a happy bright beach afternoon or at a pub at night sitting with your beloved or jamming to their tones with a couple of your friends.
This is how true music sounds.

The scale of this latest song by Mumford & Sons is in Dm. This song is a 5 chord songDm, the chords that we’ve used are C, A#/Bb, Gm, & F Chord.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 102
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale: Dm
Chords Used: Dm, C, A#/Bb, Gm, F

Song Intro: [Dm]

[Dm]I came here without a [C]choice[A#/Bb]
[A#/Bb]I am sorry I could never thank you
[Gm]For saving me more trouble
I didn’t want any [Dm]trouble
[Dm]If you were given one more chance
Would [C]you bring me back to[A#/Bb] life?
[A#/Bb]Bring me back into the light
[Gm]Into the [Dm]light…

[A#/Bb]And let it shine on, let it[Am] shine on [A#/Bb]us

[F]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Am]you
[C]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Dm]you

[Dm]The innocence in your face [C]bled out without a [A#/Bb]trace
[A#/Bb]You have won without an enemy, you are ill [Gm]without a [F]rem[Dm]edy
[Dm]As night bleeds into night, & I [C]know I came off [A#/Bb]better than you
It doesn’t mean that I feel [Gm]better
It doesn’t mean that I feel [Dm]better

[A#/Bb]And let it shine on, let it[Am] shine on [A#/Bb]us

[F]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Am]you
[C]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Dm]you
[F]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Am]you
[C]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Dm]you

[A#/Bb]Show me your [C]hands[Dm]
[Dm]Are they cleaner than[C]mine?
[F]Show me your face
[Dm]Did you cross the line?
[A#/Bb]Show me your [C]eyes[Dm]
They any drier than [C]mine[F]?
[F]Your soul survives
[A#/Bb]But peace, you will never find

[F]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Am]you
[C]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Dm]you
[F]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Am]you
[C]And if I say I love you, well, then I love [Dm]you

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Original Lyric Video

Mumford & Sons - If I Say (Lyric Video)

Song Credits

Song Name: If I Say I Love You <3
Artist/Singer: Mumford & Sons
Music Album: Delta
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: English
Licensed Under: Universal Island Records Ltd

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