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Phir Mulaaqat Guitar Chords | I really didn’t know that this song has been released by Jubin Nautiyal, I was just browsing youtube to find the Phir Mohabbat by Jubin Nautiyal, but landed on this song from the Cheat India movie. The lyrics of this song are written by Kunaal Vermaa, Kunaal-Rangon has composed the music and for the power vocals we have Jubin Nautiyal Ji. In this song, if you can notice the sound of Harmonium, Guitars and Tabla then those instruments are played by Aditya Dev, Krishna Pradhan & Sanjiv Sen respectively.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Strumming Pattern: D DU DU

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Phir Mulakat Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: Am
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used
: Am, G, C, F
Rhythm Pattern: D DU DU

(Am)To kya hua(G)judaa hue
(G)Magr hai khushi(C)mile to(Am)the
(Am)Toh kya hua(G)mudey raaste
(G)Kuch durr sung (C)chalein to (Am)the
(Am)Dubaara milenge(Dm)kisi mod(G)pe
(C)Jo baaki hai(G)wo baat (Am)hogi(G)kbhi
(Am)Chalo aj chaltey hai(G)hum

(Am)Phir mulaaqat(G)hogi kbhi
(Am)Fir mulaaqat(G)hogi (Am)kbhi
(Am)Judaa ho rhe hai (G)kadam
(Am)Phir mulaaqat (G)hogi(Am)kbhi

(Am)Dukhau mein dil jaate-jaate tera
(G)Mera aisa koi iraaa(F)da (Am)nhi
(Am)Chupaa lunga me hass ke aansu (Dm)mere
(G)Yeh teri khusi se to jyaada (Am)nhi
(Am)Jo bichdey nhi to fir kyaa(G)maza
(C)Zaruri hai (G)rhni bhi(Am)thodi(G)kami

(Am)Nhi hoga kuch bhi(G)khatam
(Am)Phir mulaaqat(G)hogi kabhi
(Am)Phir mulaaqat(G)hogi(Am)kbhi

(Am)Judaa ho rhe hain(G)kadam
(Am)Fir mulaaqat (G)hogi(Am)kbhi

(Am)Sitaaro ki iss bheedko gorr(C)se
(G)Ek aakheeri bar Fir (F)dekh(Am)loo…
(Am)Yeh jo do alag se hain baithe hue
(G)Ye tum ho yaa me hu yhi maan(Am)lo…

(Am)Ye din me nhi nazar ayeng(G)e
(C)Magar kal ko(G)jb raat(Am)hogi (G)kbhi
(Am)Jo ye… roshini hogi(G)kamm

(Am)Phir mulaaqat (G)hogi kbhi
(Am)Phir mulaaqat (G)hogi (Am)kabhi
(Am)Judaa ho rhe hai (G)kadam
(Am)Phir mulaaqat (G)hogi (Am/A minor)kabhi

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Original Song Video

WHY CHEAT INDIA: Phir Mulaaqat Video | Emraan Hashmi Shreya D | Jubin Nautiyal Kunaal Rangon

Song Credits

Song Name: Phir Mulaaqat/Mulakat/Phir Mulaakat
Singer/Artist: Jubin Nautiyal
Music Composition: Kunaal-Rangon (Songster)
Movie Name: Cheat India
Lyrics by Kunaal Vermaa
Harmonium: Aditya Dev
Guitars: Krishna Pradhan
Tabla: Sanjiv Sen
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 2019
Country: India
Music Label: T-Series

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