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Satyameva Jayate – Tere Jaisa Chords – Guitar | Presenting the Guitar chords of the latest song from the Satyameva Jayate movie –  Tere Jaisa Mujhko Bana De. The lyrics of this song are penned beautifully by Arko and sung by Arko & Tulsi Kumar. The scale of this song is F. This song is a 5 chord song, the chords that we’ve used to play the latest song of Tulsi Kumar are F, A, A#, C, & Dm. In this post we’ve shared three different strumming patterns that you can try and choose as per your comfort level, the strumming patterns are – D UDD D D/ D UUD UUD / DUDU UDU where D is Down Stroke & U is Up Stroke.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D UDD D D / D UUD UUD / DUDU UDU
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Tera Jaisa Chords – Guitar – Satyamev Jayate

Tempo: 84
Time Signature: 4/4
Music Scale: F Scale
Chords Used Without Capo: F, A, A#, C, & Dm
Chords Used With Capo: For the Capo version you need to place your guitar capo on the first fret then the chords will become – E, C#m, A, B, & F#m

Intro of Song – F, A/F, A#

[F]Tere Jaisa [Am]Mujhko Bna De
[C]Mera Naa [A#]Duja[F] koyi
[F]Sant Or Peer [C]Huve Sb[A#] Rab Ke
[Dm]Sant Or[C] Peer Huve Sb[F] Rab Ke
[C]Me To[A#] Teri [F]Hoyi

[F]Tere Jaisa Mujhko Bana De
[C]Mera Naa [A#]Duja [F]Koyi

[F]Mjhe Bs Yaar Yaar Ikk [Dm]Baar Baar
Rab [A#]Tu Hai To [F]Dila De
Sb [Dm]Vaar Vaar Har [A#]Baar Baar
Mere[F] Yaar Yaar Sey[A#] Mila De [ x2 ]

Music – F, C, A#, F

[F]Me Jahan Jahan [A#]Gya Waha
[F]Basar Fizool Tha
Bs Ekk [A#]Teri Unhi Nigaaho Ko
[C]Humesha Dhundta
Mere Raat Ki [A#]Subha
Mere[Dm] Dard Ki [C]Dawa
Na Zameen Naa [A#]Aasmaa
Ho [F]Humare Darmiyaan

Music – F, A#, F, A#, F, A#, C

[D]Tere Jaisa Mujhko Bana De
[C]Mera Naa[A#] Dujaa [F]Koi

[F]Mjhe Bs Yaar Yaar Ikk [Dm]Baar Baar
Rab [A#]Tu Hai To [F]Dila De
Sb [Dm]Vaar-2 Har [A#]Baar-2
Mere[F] Yaar-2 Se[A#] Mila de [ x2 ]

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Tere Jaisa Satyameva Jayate Song Video

Tere Jaisa Video Song | SATYAMEVA JAYATE | Arko | Tulsi Kumar | John Abraham | Aisha Sharma

Song Credits

Singer: Tulsi Kumar, Arko
Movie Name: Satyameva Jayate
Releasing Year: 2018
Lyricist: Arko
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Music Label: T-Series

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