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Khuda Hafiz is a very beautiful and enchanting song. This melody defines love in a different hue. From the film The Body, this melody has been sung by the one and only Arijit Singh, composed by the versatile Arko and has been penned down by the poetic Manoj Muntashir & Arko. Khuda Hafiz lyrics have been provided here. The lyrics of Khuda Hafiz are very emotional and conversational. One can find a different solace in them. The song belongs to the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the guitars, drums and other musical instruments euphoniously. The music is soft and mellow and has a melancholic vibe about it. The guitar chords of Khuda Hafiz are also simple and can be played by the beginners as well.

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Khuda Hafiz The Body Lyrics

Beetein Lamho Ko
Phirse Jeene Ke Liye
Juda Hona Jarur Hai Samjha Kar

Raat Jitni Bhi Dilchasp Ho Saiyaan
Subha Hona Jaruri Hai Samjha Kar

Khuda Hafiz Oh Mere Yaara
Mile Ya Na Mile Dobaara
Rahunga Me Sada Tera

Khuda Hafiz Oh Mere Yaara
Safar Bedard Beshara
Muhafiz Ho Khuda Tera

Daastan Teri Meri Kitni Ajeeb Hai
Paas Tu Nahi Phir Bhi Sabse Kareeb Hai

Khuda Hafiz Oh Mere Yaara
Jo Pal Tere Bina Guzaara
Hai Usme Bhi Nisaa Tera

Khuda Hafiz Oh Mere Yaara
Jo Pal Tere Bina Guzaara
Hai Usme Bhi Nisaa Tera

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Khuda Haafiz Video | The Body | Rishi K, Emraan H, Sobhita,Vedhika | Arijit S,Arko,Manoj M,Aditya D

More About the Song: The reason why Khuda Hafiz creates a deep impact in our minds is that it is a song that talks of how parting is required to feel the intensity of love. You can love fiercely only if your beloved is miles away from you and Khuda Hafiz tactfully captures this spirit in this melodious rhyme. This soulful rendition has been sung by the mellifluous Arijit Singh. His stellar performance once again keeps us mesmerised and enchanted. The soulful rendition glides on and will keep you hooked onto it with its doleful yet soothing vibe. The melody harmonises well with the lovey-dovey mood and is the perfect companion on a lonely afternoon with solitude and the memories of your lady love.

Song Credits

Song Title: Khuda Haafiz
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Movie/Film: The Body
Lyrics by Arko Pravo Mukherjee

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