Guitar: Bheege Bheege Chords | Ankit Tiwari, Sunidhi Chauhan [Amavas]

Bheege Bheege Guitar Chords | The soundtrack conclude with Ankit Tiwari composed and sung ‘Bheege Bheege’ where he is joined by Sunidhi Chauhan. This one is just the kind of song that one expects when a amorous mood is setting in a dreadfulness outing. In fact newcomer Anurag Bhomia spins his lyrics too around the same lines as it leads to a seductive outing. While the start of the song is fine, it is the clasp piece with Ankit on the forefront that brings in a different dimension to ‘Bheege Bheege’. It’s a loving track where Nargis and Sachiin are seen indulging in romantic excesses against a striking picturesque background. That’s not all, while Sachiin is all well-matched up for this one we cannot take our eyes off Nargis. She steals the show with her unsophisticated looks and flowy dresses. The romantic track is sung by Ankit Tiwari and Sunidhi Chauhan none of who need any introduction. You will forget momentarily the outbreak of nightmares that the film is about to set off and will catch yourself humming this cheerful song several times, yes, it is that great.

The beats are funky, the lyrics are beautifully penned, and the video is very adequately done. The sizzling chemistry between the two will also give you a reason to look forward to the movie which is all set to release on the 1st of February 2019. Give this song a listen if you haven’t already. It shows how horror movies are so much more than just jump scares and incorporates such intricate details that are done beautifully.

Music of Amavas (name of the movie) delivers as likely and in piece of evidence manages to go a bit beyond being just purposeful.

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Bheege Bheege Guitar Chords

Tempo: 85
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale/Key: Cm

Intro Music: [Cm] [G#] [Gm] [A#]
[Cm]Pyaase pyaase[G#]labo pe
Barsa[Gm]dey baarishein
[A#]Barsa dey baarishein

[Cm]Sulga-sulga [G#]badan he
Bhadki[Gm]hai aatisein
Bhadki[A#]hai aatishe
Teri[Cm]talab lgi hai hr[G#]su

Mera [D#]bikhra whi hai wo[A#]sookoon
Oh bheege[Cm]bhiige se lamhein
Bheege-bheege[G#]se hum hai

Bheege[D#]bheege pr khaule[A#]khaule sey
Bheege [Cm]bheege se hum hai
Bheege [G#]bheege se lamhe
Bheege [D#]bheege dil shone [A#]shone se

Music: [D#] [A#] [Cm]

[Cm]Na ho abb bs mera
[G#]Baahon me kass le aaa

[D#]Hai tan-badan to tr buutar hua
[Cm]Kuch soch hai mhki
[G#]Kuch saansein bhki-bhki

[D#]Hai ye asar jo[A#]is kadar chua
[Cm]Gilli-gilli hai ye[G#]saasein
[D#]Bheega-bheega hai[A#]ye mann

Teri [Cm]talab lgi hai hr[G#]su
Mera[D#] mtlb ye hai bs [A#]tu
Oh bheege [Cm]bheege se lamhe
Bheege bheege [G#]se hum hain

Bheege[D#]bheege pr khaule [A#]khaule sey
Bheege[Cm]bheege se hum hai
Bheege[G#]bheege se lamhein
Bheege[D#]bheege dil shone[A#]shone sey

Original Song Video

AMAVAS : Bheege Bheege Video | Sachiin J Joshi & Nargis Fakhri | Ankit Tiwari

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Ankit Tiwari & Sunidhi Chauhan
Album/Movie: Amavas
Language: Hindi [Bollywood]
Releasing Year: 2019
Lyrics by Anurag Bhomia
Country: India
Music Label: T-Series

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