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Loss of someone so dear and close to us can be devastating. The sudden demise of a beloved can break all hell loose and Har lamhaa , a single by the mellifluous Papon relates to this feeling perfectly. Composed by the talented Raaj Aasho and penned down by the poetic Murali Agarwal, this song has a very heart rendering feel. Har lamhaa is a song from the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the guitars, drums, violins and other instruments quite euphoniously. Har lamhaa chords are a bit intricate and can be strummed in two ways, the easy way and the other way. The easiest strumming pattern is D UUD UUD. The other strumming pattern is the D (c) UU (c) U or D DU UDU. The guitar chords of Har lamhaa are three in number which are Am, C, F, G. The original scale in which this song has been played is Bm. The position of the capo is in 2nd fret.

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Har Lamha Guitar Chords by Papon

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Original Scale
: Bm
Capo Position: 2nd Fret
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: Am, C, F, G
Strumming Pattern: D (c) UU (c) U or D DU UDU
Easiest Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD

Hum [Am]saath rahe
Har [C]lamha har lamha

[F] [G]

Dil ki [Am]baat kare
Har [C]lamha har lamha

[F] [G]

[Am]Saath jiye tere, [C]saath jiye
[F]Saans chale bas [G]tere liye

Tu [Am]pass rahe
Har [C]lamha har lamha
Hum [F]saath rahe
Har [G]lamha har lamha

[Am] [C] [F] [G]

[Am]Do pal jo mile, [C]furasat ke tere
[F]Kaandhe pe sar rakh [G]lenge
[Am]Din mere jaise [C]ho humdam
[F]Tujhse milke hans [G]lenge

[Am]Tera saath rahe, [C]aabad rahe,
[F]Dostana mera [G]
[Am]Aankhon se tu kuch kahe
[C]Aankhon se main sun loon
[F]Har lamha har lamha [G]

[Am] [C] [F] [G]

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Chand lamho mein simtegi apni
Saari Zindagi
Har lamhe mein tu hi toh hain
Dil ne kari teri bandagi

Tune dil ko chhua
Ban gayi tu dua
Ban gayi tu dua

Mar ke bhi sanam tera saath rahe
Haatho mein mere tera haath rahe
Har lamha har lamha

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Song Video

Har Lamhaa - Papon | Official Video | Raaj Aashoo | Murali Agarwal | Naushad Khan

Song Title: Har Lamhaa
: Papon
Lyrics: Murali Agarwal
Music Composition: Raaj Aashoo
Music Label: Indie Music Label
Release Date: 20 June 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi

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