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Some songs have been created just to mesmerize and win our hearts. Woh baarishein by Arjun Kanungo is just that song. An intensely heartfelt and emotional melody, this track has been sung and composed by Kanungo himself and penned by the poetic Manoj Muntashir. This song is a live orchestra and uses the strings, violins, violas, piano and the cellos enchantingly. Woh baarishein chords are simple and easy and don’t require much skills to be played. The guitar chords of Woh baarishein are six in number and they are Am, G, C, F, Am, Em. The song has been played in the Am scale and has a quite slow tempo with a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Woh baarishein have a smooth progression and follow the strumming pattern of D D DUDU D. The capo position is in the 1st fret. The melody is nothing but a heart rendering tale.

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Wo Baarishein Guitar Chords

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Song Scale
: Am
No. of Chords: 6
Capo Position: 1st Fret
Chords Used: Am, G, C, F, Am, Em
Strumming Pattern: D D DUDU D

Am, G, C, F
Am, C, F, G

Woh bhi kya [Am]shaam [G]thi
Barse the [F]toot[G]ke
Baadal jo [Am]lay[G]enge har [F]jagaah [G]

Haatho mein [Am]chattri[G]yaan
Dono ke [F]thi magar
[G]Bheege the [Am]dono [G]hi be[F]wajaah

Woh baari[Am]shein kya ho [F]gayi
Kya ho [C]gayi woh baari[G]shein
Tum beni[Am]shaan kyu ho [F]gye
Dhoondu [C]kaha [G]tumhe

[Am]Hazaaro aansu me
[F]Sambhaale baitha hun
[C]Rulaane ayi hai
[G]Mujhe Jaane kyu yaadein

[Am]Bhulaau kaise me
[F]Wo sari barsaatein
[Dm]Guzari thi
[G]humne jo saath me

Woh baari[Am]shein kya ho [F]gyi
Kya ho [C]gayi wo baari[G]shein
Tum beni[Am]shan kyun ho [F]gaye
Dhoondun [C]kaha [G]tumhe

Am, C, F, G
Am, C, F, Em

[C]Shaamey yeh neeli si [Am]shaamein
[Em]Ayi to laayi [F]yaad [G]teri yaad
[C]Me hu tere bina [Am]tanhaa
[Em]Lautaade mujhe wo bheega hua [F]lamha


Woh baari[Am]shein kya ho [F]gayi
Kya ho [C]gayi woh baari[G]shein
Tum beni[Am]shan kyun ho [F]gaye
Woh baari[C]shein woh baari[G]shein…

Woh baari[Am]shein kya ho [F]gayi
Kya ho [C]gayi woh baari[G]shein
Ye doori[Am]yaan kyun aa gyi
[F]Rehna tha [C]sang [G]humein…

Am, F, Dm, C, F
Am, F, C, G
Am, F, C, G
Am, F, G

[F]Dhundun kahan [G]tumhe

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Woh Baarishein - Arjun Kanungo ft. Shriya Pilgaonkar | Manoj Muntashir | Official Music Video

Song Credits

Song Title: Woh Baarishein
Singer/Artist: Arjun Kanungo
Music Composer: Arjun Kanungo
Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir
Violin Player: Ajay Jayanthi
Viola Players: Mohan Goyal, Prabhat Pushkarana, Shyam Jawda, Neeraj Rathore
Cello Players: Bijoy Singh, Narendra Rathi
Piano Player: Sasmit Rudra
Release Date: 20 June 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Music Label: VYRLOriginals

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