Malaal: Zara Suno Chords with Strumming Pattern (Guitar)

Freshly bloomed romance has a different feeling, a different essence and Zara suno from the film Malaal is a song that captures this charm melodiously. Sung by the mellifluous Rutvik Talashilkar and the mellifluent Aanandi Joshi, this melody has been composed by Shail Hada and penned down by Vimal Kashyap. This track is from the feature film soundtrack genre and uses the guitars and the strokes quite artfully. Zara suno chords are a bit intricate and possess the medium level of difficulty. The guitar chords of Zara suno are seven in number and they are C#, D#, Cm, Fm, G#, Gm & A#. The song has a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Zara suno have a smooth progression and follow the strumming pattern of D D  UUUD or D DUDU D. The melody has been played in the D# scale. This song is set to be the love song of this year.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D D  UUUD or D DUDU D

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Zara Suno Guitar Chords | Malaal

Song Scale/Key: D#
No. of Chords: 7
Chords Used: C#, D#, Cm, Fm, G#, Gm & A#
Rhythm Pattern: D D  UUUD or D DUDU D

Zara su[D#]no Kya keh rhi
Paglaayi [Cm]si dhadkan me[Gm]ri
Tu jo ka[Fm]bhi ata hai jb
Sam[A#]ne mere

Kabhi [D#]chala kabhi ru[A#]ka
Tham g[Cm]ya phir chal pa[Gm]da
Aye na [Fm]kal thehar jaaye pal
Sam[A#]ne mere

Zara sambhaa[Cm]lo manalo dil k[G#]hi
Maine chu[Gm]paake rakha hai y[A#]hi
Rahega yeh [Cm]pagla
Chupakr y[G#]hi
Hum[Gm]safar banke [Fm]tera yu[A#]hi

Zara su[D#]no
Kya kh ra[A#]hi
Paglaayi [Cm]si [Gm]dhadkan meri
Tu jo ka[Fm]bhi ata hai jb
Saam[A#]ne mere

[D#] [G#] [A#] [D#]

[D#]Aake teri saubatt
Kaisi [G#]ulti [D#]seedhi harqat
Haye [C#]krne laga natkhat
Dil me[D#]ra

[D#]Tune jo di dastakh
Baat a[Cm]ye mere [A#]lab-tak
Aur [C#]chup sa rhta [D#]kab-tak Dil mera

Jo aaga[Cm]yi tu
Rubaroo yun [G#]mere
Hosh [Gm]ke sb parindey udd ga[A#]ye

Thaga-tha[Cm]ga sa
Reh gya me ya[G#]han
Or [Cm]dil leke [Fm]tum chal di[A#]ye

Zara su[D#]no
Kya keh r[A#]ahi
Paglaayi [Cm]si [Gm]dhadkan meri
Tu jo ka[Fm]bhi ata hai jab
Saam[A#]ne mere

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Zara Suno Video | Malaal | Sharmin Segal | Meezaan | Rutvik Talashilkar, Aanandi Joshi | Shail Hada

Song Credits

Song: Zara Suno
Movie/Album: Malaal
Singer/Artist: Rutvik Talashilkar & Aanandi Joshi
Music Composition: Shail Hada
Lyrics by Vimal Kashyap
Music Label: T-Series
Release Date: 18 June 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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