Hamza Malik – O Jaana Chords with Strumming Pattern by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Guitar

Hamza Malik – O Jaana Chords/Tere Bin Nahi Lagda Dil Mera Dholna Chords (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) – Guitar | Presenting the Guitar Chords of latest romantic Song by Hamza Malik ft. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Ji–O Jaana.
Asim Raza pens beautifully written lyrics of this romantic bollywood song, sung by none other than Hamza Malik. The rhythm felt great for a romantically lyrical aura and a perfect song to play and spread romance for your loved ones or add joy to your playing;
The Scale of this song is in Em Chord and it’s a 6 chord song. This song can be played within six chords, and the chords that we’ve used to the play the O Jaana are G, Em, C, Am, Bm, & D7. The strumming pattern that you can try with this song is DD UDUD where U is Up Stroke and D is Down Stroke.
The song chords are easy to learn for beginners, and if you are pro with guitar, playing them would be effortless for you.
Below we’ve shared the chord progression for this melodious track.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DD UDUD
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

O Jaana Chords – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Tempo: 90
Time signature: 4/4
Scale: Em
Guitar Chords: G, Em, C, Am, Bm, D7

Intro – G, Em, G

[G]Socha na tha tere bin
Ye [C]din bhi ayenge[G] Oh [Am]jaana [G]
[G]Teri baato ko
Tanha [C]gungunaay[G]enge Oo..[Am]jaana [G]

[G]Aja dil pe mere
Hath[Bm] rkh ke dekh le
Hath [C]rkh ke dekh le, dekh [Am]le

Nai [G]lagda tere bin dil [Em]mera soni[G]ya [Am]
Nai[G] lagda tere bin dil [Em]mera [G]dholna[D7] [x2]

Sohniya[Em] haaniya tu rawi [C]meharban
Me te[G] jind tere naame layi[D] dholna[G]

Nai [G]lagda tere bin dil [Em]mera [G]soh[Am]niya
Nai [G]lagda tere bin dil [Em]mera [G]dholna[D7] [x3]

[G]Dil ki ye aadatey toone hi kharab ki
[C]Aake khud hi tu [G]dkh na
[G]Me kahi laga bhi lu
[G]Lag jaana dil kahi
[C]Mera kare [G]aitbaar [D]na [B]

Dhol [G]ve[D], na rol[G]ve[D]
Kadi[C] has ke vi mere bol ve
Meri [C]akkhiyan de re tu [D]kol kol [G]ve

[G]Aja dil pe mere
Hath [Bm]rkh ke dekh le
Hath [C]rkh ke dekh[Am] le, dekh le

Nai [G]lagda tere bin dil [Em]mera [G]soh[Am]niya
Nai [G]lagda tere bin dil [Em]mera [G]dholna[D7] [x3]

[G]Dholna[Am]… dho[G]lna…

[G]Tukdey tukdey hua [Bm]me bhi dil ki tarah
[C]Aake mujhko tu[G] jodd de
[G]Aisa krte nhi [Bm]saath chaltey hue
[C]Beech raah me kisi ko[G] chod [D]ke[B]

Hor[G] na [D]dur [G]jaa [D]
Door[C] jake vi hona nahio [D]door tuu
Naa [C]sataaye na dive majb[D]oor nu

[G]Aja dil pe mere
Hath [Bm]rkh ke dekh le
Hath [C]rkh ke dekh le, dekh [Am]le

Nai [G]lagda tere bin dil [Em]mera [G]soh[Am]niya
Nai [G]lagda tere bin dil [Em]mera [G]dholna[D7] [x3]

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Tere Bin Nai Lagda Dil Mera Dholna Song Video

O Jaana - Official Music Video | Hamza Malik Feat. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan | Sahir Ali Bagga | Rohit K

Song Credits

Singers: Hamza Malik Feat. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Music by Sahir Ali Bagga
Lyricist: Asim Raza
Arranger: Sahir Ali Bagga
Cast: Hamza Malik & Iqra Aziz
Production House: Rohit Kishnani Productions
Producer: Rohit Kishnani
Director: Farhan Saeed
Genre: Bollywood
Year: 2018
Language: Hindi
Country: India

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