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Dil Mastiyaan Guitar Chords | From the movie Jack and Dil, the singer who has sang hits like Baarish from Half Girlfriend and Bandook Meri Laila, Ash King is out with another banger of a song called Dil Mastiyaan, along with Payal Dev.The song, Dil Mastiyaan, very vividly, has two lovers expressing their undying love for each other, and serenading this song by equating each other to nature. Now, thankfully, it’s not a clichéd “sad” or a sulking love song and neither does it have any sort of a heartbreak in it, the melody and the mood is set exactly the way the makers of the song wanted to portray. The music has been given by Arghya Banerjee, with the use of instruments like mouth organs and flutes; the music has a very jolly and happy vibe to it, also the tempo is fast paced and energizing enough to make it a probable club song. The string instruments are used to their full potential, which could make this into a lovely instrumental. The beat is easy to catch and even easier to learn, if you’re trying out Bollywood songs to play. The lyrics are beautiful even though a little hard to understand considering they are not purely Hindi and have an Urdu touch to them, which is the reason why they are much more authentic and real.

The mesmerizing and buttery voice of Ash King and Payal Dev does justice to the lyrics. Coming back to the use of mouth organ, gives this track a very fresh vibe and sounds fitting with the overall cool temperature of the song which is really good to hear. The listener automatically feels great listening to the first 10 seconds of the song and doesn’t take too long to decipher that it’s in the lines of a feel good music.
Now, there are a few tosses that cannot be ignored, first is, even though the music composition is beautiful, it’s very generic, I have heard two or three songs similar to the same melody. After 2 odd verses there’s no elevation in the music, it’s stagnant and there’s really nothing to look forward to, which is sad because Payal Dev picks up the song later on, but I’m afraid people would not even reach onto her part. Moreover, the use of Autotune is extremely evident, and it’s not like they even tried hiding it, especially at the Outro (it’s borderline cringey), the Autotune is overpowering the voice, making it sound robotic and extremely machine-like, which is questionable because, Autotune for Ash King is really not needed.

Even though, there are a few slips in the song, it will not be hard to accept that this is a coming of age song, that the youngsters and the youth will definitely seem to enjoy and catch themselves humming here and there, or maybe you could hear this song at some club to give the night a kickstart, is it a chart topper? Maybe not, but does it make you feel good? For sure.

This latest release is a 4 chord song, chords used are A, E, D, & F#m.

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale: A
Chords Used: A, E, D, & F#m

(A)Dil mastiyaan karne lage
(A)Dekhey tjhe to (E)khud me na rhe
(A)Nazdikiya badhne lge
(A)Khaamosiya (E)bin bole sb khe

Ishq (D)jagaate mjhko (C#m)bheega dey
(A)Paaniyon ki lehron si teri yeh (E)hassi

(A)Gaalib ke jesi likh sau gazal de
Jb (D)kare nigaahein teri (E)shaayeri
(A)Lamho me saare mausam badal de
Jb (D)chale adaaon se tu (E)najni

(A)Gaalib ke jaisi likh sau gazal de
Jab (D)kare nigaahey teri (E)saayeri
(A)Lamhon me saare mausam badal dey
Jab (D)chaley adaaon se tu (E)naajni

Dil befik(F#m)kar hoke (E)kare
Chaahat (D)bhari badmaa(A)shiyaan
(F#m)Tu saath ho jo humsa(E)afar
Achi lage(D) badnaa(A)miyaan

(A)Baithe rhe jaake khi
Hum ishq ke (E)saaye tale
(A)Dil ne kho dil mutteshar
Or roshini koi (E)jale

(A)Tu pass (D)aye khushboo si (C#m)chaaye
(A)Dekhi nhi aisi kbhi jaadu(E)gari

Ishq (D)jaaga tey mujhko (C#m)bheegade
(A)Paaniyon ki lehron si teri yeh (E)hasi

(A)Gaalib ke jaisi likh sau gazal dey
Jab (D)kare nigaahein teri (E)saayeri
(A)Lamhon me saare mausam badal de
Jab (D)chaley adaaon se tu (E)najni

(A)Gaalib ke jesi likh sau gazal de
Jab (D)kare nigaahein teri (E)saayeri
(A)Lamhon me saare mausam badal de
Jb (D)chaley adaaon se tu (E)naajni

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Original Song Video

Dil Mastiyaan | Jack & Dil | Arbaaz Khan & Sonal Chauhan | Ash King & Payal Dev

Song Credits

Song Name: Dil Mastiyaan
Singer/Artists: Ash King & Payal Dev
Movie/Album/Film: Jack & Dil
Music Composition: Arghya Banerjee
Lyricist: Arafat Mehmood
Programming: Aditya Dev
Guitars: Suraag Subhedar
Mixed By & Mastered by Prithvi Sharma
Vocals & Guitars Recorded at Enzy Studios & Aditya Dev’s Studio
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Releasing Year: 2018
Released Under: Zee Music Company

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