RAW – Guitar: Jee Len De Chords by Mohit Chauhan [Strumming]

Jee Len De Guitar Chords by Mohit Chauhan | The chords that we have used in the chord progression of this song are B, A, E, F# where B is key chord for the song. The strumming that we recommend with this song is DD UDU DD or DUDUD where D is Down Strum and U is Up Strum.The latest movie starring John Abraham and Mouni Roy, “Romeo Akbar Walter” has got the Audiences asking for more after the trailer was released. After the first two, the third song was released, ‘Jee Len De’. Written by Murali Agarwal and sung by our beloved Mohit Chauhan, the song highlights the crisp love story of John and Mouni. Jee Len De plays at a very crucial time in the movie, as both John and Mouni are tackling grueling situations but manage to overcome them at the same time which surprisingly brings them closer.

The movie revolves around the story of John as an undercover agent who takes up various names and identities to execute specific tasks. He is on a special mission which could possibly change the Indian course of history. The film is based on the Indo-Pak war of 1971 and has been broadly inspired by true events. The trailer left the audience in a certain fix and I’m sure this song will leave them wanting more.

The song shows the characters meeting in cars and secluded places secretly, which also instills a sense of intimate feelings. The song also alludes to a passionate relationship, in which love and lust go hand in hand, and their desire to be together is front and center. Finding someone to love is magical, and cute and sweet, but is also passionate and burning and intense, which Agarwal perfectly paints in the lyrics. Another characteristic of “Jee Len De” is that it relates to the ocean and the haunting echoes of his voice resemble the movement of waves, and endure on your mind long after the song comes to an end, just like a love that is alive back from the dead. I really enjoyed the instrumental music of this song. Even though it is a love story, it does not only focus on a slow, soulful tune, but instead gives it a strong beat which perfectly sums up a growing love relationship.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DUDUD or DD UDU DD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: B
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: B, A, E, F#
Strumming Pattern: DUDUD or DD UDU DD
Tempo: Slow

(B)Tere ishq di char diwaari wich
Ma(E)inu jee (A)len (B)de Mai(E)nu ji
(A)len (B)de

(B)Akkhaan de tere paymaane nu
Mai(E)nu pee (A)len (B)de mai(E)nu pee
(A)len (B)de

(B)Rasmaa riwaajaan nu chdhke aja
(E)Mere val rukh(F#)modd ke aja
(E)Aaja na aja sb (F#)chhodke aja

Teri (B)rooh toh nikliaan gallaan nu
Me(E)nnu sun (A)len (B)de mai(E)nu sunn len(B)de

Interlude Music: (B) (A) (E) (B)

B |——————7——————————————————————————————————————————–
G |————6———10-9————-6—10-6——————————————————————————-
D |-10—————————-10—————————-10-7–6-7-10-7-6—————————-
A |—————————————————————————————————————————-10-7-10—

(B)Meri subha tere to shuru
hovey meri (E)shaam tere toh dha(B)ley
Meri gallaan wich tu(E)rhndi aey
Mere saah tere to cha(B)le

Mere hathaan di laqeeraan vich
Tera (E)nam likh (A)lein (B)de
Haaye tera (E)nam likh (A)len (B)dey

Tennu sukh mile sari duniyaa de
Gham (E)mere (A)ho len (B)de
Lub tey tere khushiy(E)aan ho
Dua maang(A)len (B)de(F#)

(B)Hun zindagi jinni ho meri
Tera (E)naa le (A)len (B)de tera (E)naa le
(A)len (B)de

(B)Tere ishq di chaar diwaari vich
Mai(E)nu jee(A)len (B)de Mai(E)nu jee
(A)len (B)de

(B)Akkhaan dey tere paimaaney nu
Mai(E)nu pi (A)len (B)de mai(E)nu pee
(A)len (B)de

(B)Rasmaan riwaazan nu chhod ke aja
(E)Mere val rukh (F#)moddke aja
(E)Aaja na aja sb(F#)chhod ke aja

Teri (B)rooh to nikliyaan gallaan nu
Mai(E)nu sun (A)len (B)de mai(E)nu
sunn len(B)de

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Original Song Video

Jee Len De: Mohit Chauhan | RAW Moive | John Abraham | Mouni Roy | Jackie Shroff | Hindi Moive

Song Credits

Song Title: Jee Len De/ Jeen Len De
Singer/Artist: Mohit Chauhan
Music Composer: Raaj Aashoo
Lyrics by Murali Agarwal & Shabbir Ahmed
Guitars: Krishna
Movie/Album: RAW
Language: Hindi/Punjabi (Bollywood)
Music Label: Times Music
Releasing Year: 2019
Country: India

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