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Bas Mein Guitar Chords | Hello Visitors!  Here we are going to cover the song Bas Mein- sung, written and composed by Bhuvan Bam and directed by Kartik Parande. The base scale of the song has been figured out as Bm and the chords identified to be used are Bm, G, A, and Em with a fast strumming pattern as D UUD UUD or D DDUD D DDUD. Various other songs by the singer in the same genre are “Teri Meri Kahani”, “Sang Hoon Tere”, “Safar” has impressed the listeners and musicians. Such songs adds cheerfulness to the minds of the listeners and are mostly played with all types of instruments.All the songs by Bhuvan Bam till now has promoted the fan following and his music career to a higher level which is done within a very short period of time and must be immensely appreciated. His songs moves the listener emotionally with a good play of words in the lyrics . The artist generally uses bunch of joyous words to make the song more merry and ebullient. The creative use of instruments and sound in the music composition makes the song much interesting and welcoming.

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Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale/Key: Bm
No. of Chords
: 4
Chords Used
: Bm, A, D, G, Em/A
Rhythm Pattern: D UUD UUD or D DDUD D DDUD

Intro Music: [Bm][A][Bm][A]

Yu(Bm)Kap Kapaatey Tere(A)Hoth Hai
(Bm)Kuch Khte Khte Tham(A)se Gye
(D)Sirhaane Hath Hai(A)Koi To Bat Hai
(D)Tutt Rha Hai (A)Sabr

(Bm)Jagmag-Jagmag Si Ye(A)Deewaar Hai
(Bm)Mehak Rha Hai Tera(A)Yeh Badan
(D)Kuch Aisa Khas Hai(A)Koi To Bat Hai
(D)Hone Lgi Hai(A)Fikr

(Bm)Vese To Tere Dil Se Juda Hu
(A)Kandhey Ke Tere Dil Pe Fida Hoon
(G)Man Ke Iraadon Se Bheeda Hu(Em)

(Em)Nhi Rhna(A)Apne Bas Mein
(Bm)Bas Mein… (A)Bas Mein

(G)Tu Jo(A)Nahi Hai Apni(Bm)Hadd Mein
(A)Had Mein(G)Had Mein… (Em)Nhi (A)Rhna Apne

(Bm)Badal Gya Tera Sara Mood Kaise
(A)Bigad Gya (G)Tera Attitude
(Bm)Jo Mujh ko Ghr Ki Entry
(A)Pichey Ke Darwaajey Se Kyun(G)Mili Aisi
(A)Bhi Kyaa Jldi Thi Batla Dey

(Bm)Tip Tip Tip Tip Baarishon Ki(D)Boondein Hai
(Bm)Shore Kre Garazti (A)Bijlliyaan

(D)Gum Ho Gyi Kyu(A)HoshoHawaas Hai
(D)Hone Lagi Hai Teri(A)Fikar

(Bm)Vese To Tere Dilse Juda Hu
(A)Kandhey Ke Tere Dilpe Fidaa Hoon
(G)Mann Ke Iraado Se Bhida Hoon

(Em)Nahi Rehna (Am)Apne Bas Mein
(Bm)Bas Mein… (A)Bas Mein

(G)Tu Jo (A)Nahi Hai Apni (Bm)Had Mein
(A)Had Mein (G)Had Mein… (Em)Nahi (A)Rehna Apne

Rap Part:
(Bm)Bs Me Bas Mein
(Bm)Bas Mein Nai Rhna Mjhe
(Bm)Baton Mein Na Khna Mujhe
(Bm)Ki Tu Bda, Ki Tu Bda Chep Hai
(Bm)Husn Di Pari Tu Jaadu Wali Chhadi
(Bm)Pr Gusse Me Professor Snape Hai
(Bm)Alg Vichitr Si Vinchik Chitra Si
(Bm)Palley Pde Na Jesse Bond Ki Chmistry Ki
(A)Misti Si Vas Hai Tu Bole Babey
Take Me To A (G)Party Lorri In A Bell Gaadi
(Bm)Kisi Me Bhi Chl Bola Nhi Kbhi Kal
(A)Khte Hai Mil ta Hai Sabr Ka Mithaa Fal
(Bm)Pr Just Tell’Me Kya Hai Wrng Kya Hai Right
(A)B’Coz I Knw This Angel Is My Baby Girl
(D)Sungh Ke Bta Du Jo Hai Dil Main Tere Hal chal
(A)Pal-Pal Gad Bad Can You Feel The Dhak-Dhak
(D)Tell-Tell Bloody Hell What The Hell

(G)Nahi Rehna Apne (Bm)Bas Mein
(Bm)Bas Mein (A)Bas Me
(G)Bas Mein Bas Mein
(G)Tu Jo (A)Nahi Hai Apni (Bm)Had Mein
(A)Had Mein (G)Had Mein… (Em)Nahi (A)Rehna Apne

(Bm)Bas Mein (A)Bas Me
(G)Bas Mein
(G)Tu Jo (A)Nahi Hai Apni (Bm)Had Mein
(A)Had Mein (G)Had Mein… (Em)Nahi (A)Rehna Apne

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Guitar Lesson – Video Tutorial

Bas Mein | BB ki Vines | Bhuvan Bam | Guitar Chords | Tutorial | Amit Kacher

Song Credits

Singer/Artist, Music Composer & Lyricist: Bhuvan Bam
Music: Omkar Tamhan
Guitars: Chaitanya Bhaidkar
Mixing & Mastering: Abhishek Ghatak
Cast: Sharmila Sharma & Bhuvan Bam
Releasing Year: 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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