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Love is an important ingredient in our lives and without love we are nothing. Zaroori kya ishq mein is that song which justifies this track perfectly.This is a single from the Gaana Originals-Love Series that has been sung by the mellifluent Papon, composed by the versatile Meet Bros and penned down by the poetic Kumaar. This song uses the guitars, the drums and the other instruments artfully. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this melody has been played in the E scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. Zaroori kya hai ishq mein chords are simple and can be played by the amateurs too with ease. The guitar chords of Zaroori kya hai ishq mein are six in number and they are E, D, C, A, Am, C#m. The chords of Zaroori kya hai ishq mein follow a strumming pattern of D UUD UUD.

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Zaroori Hai Kya Ishq Mein Guitar Chords

Song Key/Scale: E
No. of Chords: 6
Chords Used: E, D, C, Am, C#m, A
Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD

Intro Music:
(E) (C) (D) [Six Times]

Kinare(E) aankhon(D)ke
(Am)Aaj fir ho gaye(C) namm
Daraare(E) saanso(D)ko
(Am)De gayi hai yeh(C) gham

(E) (C) (D)

Kinare(E) aankhon(D)ke
(Am)Aj phir ho gaye(C) namm
Daraare(E) saanso(D)ko
(Am)De gayi hai yeh(C) gham

(E)Toota (D)toota me(A) to is(E) taraah
(E)Judna (D)mushkil hai(A) abb jis(E) taraah
Is(D) tarah

(E)Zaroori hai kya (D)ishq mein
Is dil ko (E)dard ho…
(E)Zaroori hai kya (D)ishq mein
Khuda bhi (E)khudgarz ho…

(E)Zaroori hai kya (D)ishq me
Khuda bhi (E)khudgarz ho… oh(C)…(D)
(E)Zaroori hai kya (D)ishq me
Khuda bhi (E)khudgarz ho… oh(C)…(D)

(D) (E) (D) (E) (D) (E)
(E) (D) (Am) (C)

(E)Shamil ho gyi
Tu (C#m)dil ke dard me
Karu (Am)mehsoos palpal (E)tujhe

(E)Tu hai ja chuki
(C#m)Mujh ko chhodke
Teri (Am)yaadein na chode(E) mujhe

(E)Jhutha (D)jhutha (A)tera khwaab (E)tha
(E)Chup kyu abb (D)tu (A)mujh ko yeh(E) bta
Yeh (D)bata

(E)Zaruri hai kya (D)ishq mein
Is dil ko (E)dard ho
(E)Zaruri hai kya (D)ishq mein
Khuda bhi (E)khudgarz ho

(E)Zaruri hai kya (D)ishq me
Khuda bhi (E)khudgarz ho… oh(C)…(D)
(E)Zaruri hai kya (D)ishq me
Khuda bhi (E)khudgarz ho… oh(C)…(D)…(E)

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More About this Song: Zaroori kya hai ishq mein is definitely one of the euphoric tracks till date. This song talks about love and the hardships and pain we all go through from it. The pain and the agonies of romance has been brought out clearly and beautifully in this track. This song is a very enchanting melody that every heartbroken lover can relate to. The music is just a smooth flow of emotions and rhythm and has a quite groovy beat about it. Meet Bros have done another commendable job and have gifted us with this bewitching song. Papon is brilliant as usual and has kept us spell bound with his stellar performance. His deep and powerful vocals are indeed soothing and blissful to hear. His voice has a rich tonal quality and it is for him that we are forced to come back to this track again and again. The video of this song features Papon himself along with Siddhart Nigam and Jannat Zubair and is quite a delight to watch. This melody harmonizes well with the bittersweet mood and a person suffering from the pangs of sorrow that love has offered can seek for solace to his wounds from this melancholic song.


Zaroori Hai Kya Ishq Mein | Meet Bros, Papon |Gaana Originals| Jannat Zubair, Siddharth Nigam,Kumaar

Song Credits

Song Title: Zaruri Hai Kya Ishq Mein
Singers/Artists: Meet Bros ft. Papon
Lyrics by Kumaar
Music Composition: Meet Bros
Guitar Players: Pawan Rasaily & Ankur Mukharjee
Violin Player: Jitu Thakur
Sarood Player: Roopak Naigaonkar
Release Date: 11 July 2019
Language: Hindi
Country: India
Music Label: MB Music

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