[Easy] Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Tu Jo Mila Guitar Chords with Strumming Pattern

Tu jo mila is a very beautiful song that is filled with love, compassion and emotions of a different kind. From the super hit film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, this melody has been sung by the mellifluous K.K., composed by the maestro Pritam and penned by Kausar Munir. This track hails from the feature film soundtrack genre and uses guitars and other string instruments brilliantly. Tu jo mila chords are easy and simple and can be played by the amateurs effortlessly. There is a harmonious progression of the chords of Tu jo mila and the number has a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The guitar chords of Tu jo mila are C, Em, Am, G, F & Dm. This melody has been played in the C scale and the strumming pattern of the chords are D DD DDD or D UDUD UDUD. This song is a heart warming number which is quite addictive and will make you listen to it on loop.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Recommended Pattern: D DD DDD or D UDUD UDUD

d – Down Stroke on lower three strings
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum
C – Chuck/Mute Effect

Tu Jo Mila Chords

Status: Accurate & Verified by Team
Song Scale/Key
: C
No. of Chords: 6
Capo: Not Required
Difficulty: Easy
Chords Used: C, Em, Am, G, F, Dm
Rhythm Pattern

Intro Tabs:

G | -0-5-4-5-2s4-5------------0
B | -----------------3-5-3----

G | -0-5-4-5-----------7-5-7------7-0
B | -----------5s6-5-----------5-----

[C]Aashiyana [Em]mera
[C]Sath tere [Em/G]hai na
[Am]Dhundtey [F]teri gali
[F]Mujhko ghar [G] mila

[C]Aaboodana [Em]mera
[C]Hath tere [Em/G]hai na
[Am]Dhundtey [F]tera Khuda
[F]Mujhko Rab [G]mila

Tu Jo [Dm] mila
Lo ho gya me [G] Kaabil
Tu jo [C] mila
To ho gya sb [F] haasil…[C]haa

Mushkil [Dm]sahi
Aasaan hui [G]manzill
Kyun ki [F]Tu…[C]Dhad…[G]kan
Me [C]Dil

[F] [C] [F]

[C]Ruth jana [Em]tera
[C]Maan jana [Em/G]mera
[Am]Dhoondte [F]teri hasi
[F]Mil gyi meri [G]khushi

[C]Raah hu me[Em]teri
[C]Tu hai tu [Em/G]meri
[Am]Dhundte [F]tere neeshaan
[F]Mil gyi [G]khudi

Tu Jo [Dm]mila
Lo ho gya me [G]Kaabil
Tu jo [C] mila
To ho gya sab [F]haasill [C]ha

Mushkil [Dm]shi
Aasaan hui[G]manzill
Kyu ki [F]Tu [C] Dhad [G] kan
Me [C]Dil

[F] [C] [F]

Tu Jo [Dm] mila
Lo ho gaya me [G] qaabil
Tu jo [C] mila
To ho gya sab [F] haasil [C]han
Tu Jo [Dm] mila
Aasaan hui [G]mushkil
Kyu ki [F]Tu [C] Dhad [G] kan
Me [C] Dil…

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Guitar Cover Lesson by Aman Pantora

Tu Jo Mila - Acoustic Guitar Cover lesson chords - Simple n Easy

More About the Song: Tu jo mila is a melody that celebrates and appreciates the special people present in our lives. It is a song that eulogizes all those who make our lives worth living. There is a flavour of love induced by Munir in the heart touching lyrics. The music is immensely relaxing and soothing. The soft music harmonises well with the happy and restful mood. Pritam shows us his creative genius once again by composing such a beautiful piece that has a classical touch along with the western feel. K.K. has given us a stellar performance and keeps us spell bound by his gentle and dulcet vocals. Whenever K.K. and Pritam come together we can be assured of a path breaking track and this song is by no means an exception. The number has been filmed on the bubbly Harshali and the one and only Salman Khan and their affectionate bond on screen does bring a happy tear and a smile simultaneously on our faces. It is a perfect journey song, or can quite set the mood right if you are enjoying solitude with some music. And if you have to tell someone what they mean to you, then strum these chords on your guitar and make them happy and radiant.

Song Credits

Song Title: Tu Jo Mila
Movie/Film: Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Singer/Artist: KK
Music Composition: Pritam
Lyrics by Kausar Munir
Music Label: T-Series
Releasing Year: 2015
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India

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