List of Best Bengali Patriotic Song | 15th August 2021

15th August, 1947. While the entire world was asleep, India rose to gain freedom. India awakened to see and taste emancipation. The sacrifices, the fight, the struggles of our freedom fighters finally paid off and we were successful to defeat the colonizers and the British. It is 15th August 2020 now. Enjoying independence for the past seventy-two years, we are a proud nation ar present. “Emon desh ti kothao khuje pabe na ko tumi” ekdm e thik ebong khati kotha. Bharat er moton r je kono desh hoina. Amra ekai eksho. Kothao erom sundor sonar jonmobhumi pabena jeta ei desher mati te pabe. Amader desh amader gorbo. R kno hbena, jekhane Swami Vivekananda, Netaji, Gurudev Rabindranath Thakur, Masterda Surjo Sen, Vidyasagar, Raja Rammohan Roy ityadi der moton heere der jonmo, sei desher ki r kono tulona hoi. Erom deshe jonmano ta bhagyer r purni r byapar. So let us come together and celebrate this Independence Day with some patriotic songs and feel the spirit of freedom and liberation.

Here is a playlist curated for you on this special day which will ignite the fire of your patriotism and make you feel prouder of your nation than before. Some Bengali patriotic songs are-

1. Dhonodhyane pushpe bhora by Dwijendralal Roy is a song that eulogizes our nation and arouses the sense of dignity and honour for our Hindusthan.

2. Othogo Bharato Laxmi by Atulprasad Sen is a must play track on Independence Day.

3. Ek sutre bandhiyachhi by Rabindranath Tagore is a song about unity, solidarity and mutual tolerance. This song is one of the perfect patriotic songs.

4. Chal re chal sab Bharatsantan by Jyotirindranath Tagore encourages us to march forward and contribute to the development and progress of our mother Bharat.

5. Bharatbarso surjer ek naam by Y.S. Moolky is that enchanting soundtrack that reminds us the beauty, the splendor and the magnificence of India.

6. O amar desher mati by Hemanta Mukherjee is an evergreen patriotic song that triggers in us the respect for our Bharatbarsho. We should always bow down to our country and this feeling of love for our nation is profoundly imbibed in this bewitching melody.

7. Sankocher Bihwalata by Rabindranath Tagore is an extremely metaphorical melody. Without a Tagore’s song, this list shall be incomplete.

8. Ei amader desh by Amit Kumar is a melody that triggers within us the emotions of love for our homeland. This mesmerizing song is a mandatory track if you want to hear patriotic numbers.

9. Muktir Mandir Sapanotale by Krishna Chandra Dey is a very refreshing melody without which this playlist isn’t complete.

10. Sarthak janmo amar ami jonmechi ei deshe by Suchitra Mitra is a very emotional song that glorifies India and reminds us about how lucky we are to have been born in this rich land of diversity.

11. Balo balo balo sabe by Atulprasad Sen is one of the finest tracks on patriotism. This legendary song celebrates freedom and brotherhood serenadingly.

12. Mayer dewa mota kapor by Rajanikanto Sen is a melody that is too beautiful. It is a heart-warming number that will make you beam with pride for India.

13. Bharat aamar Bharatbarso from the movie Charmurti reeks with the feeling of fraternity and creates the sense of oneness within us.

14. Bharat ajio bholeni birat by Kazi Najrul Islam is a melody that kindles the love for our motherland and makes us feel proud of our India.

15. Udar Bharat! Sakal Manabe by Kazi Najrul Islam is a song that is filled with patriotism in every bit of it. It is a song that completes this patriotic song playlist.

There is no love greater than the love for our motherland. Our country is our first mother. We should always respect our nation and serve it with loyalty in our hearts. Amader desher ei obodaan ki r tuccho kora jai. Amader swadhinata sangrami der lorai k ki bhule jawa jai. Our homeland is the proud mother of a rich heritage and a unique culture. Nowhere can you find a nation so huge and so incredible like India. Se je sokol desher rani se je amar jonmobhumi. India is a land of the gallants. Be it the Moon, or the space or Google or the Olympics; you will find an Indian representing us in each sphere. From science to arts to cinemas to entrepreneurship Indians rule everywhere. We are the unbeatable and we must never forget our duties to our mother. So let us all unite to uphold the sovereignty, integrity and the dignity of our country and celebrate freedom by doing our own bit and contributing to the betterment of our nation. Jai Hind!

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