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Chogada Tara Chords – Guitar | ચૉગાડા ગિટાર તારો | One of 2018’s greatest Hindi songs and chart toppers, we have Chogada from the movie Love Yatri in the voice of Darshan Raval, a beautiful Gujarati foot tapping song for you to dance on but not only restricting you during Navratri but you could get up and blow off in a full dance session at any time during the day. The beat is extremely easy to bop to, and the melody given by Lijo George lightens-up the mood of the listener. The lyrics penned by the singer himself, though in traditional Gujrati, are not difficult to comprehend; that the singer is singing about the season of love, and telling his lover of how much he loves her. The power of music is such that it goes beyond understanding what the music says, but focusing on how the music makes the listener feel. The lyrics are extremely youthful in nature yet have a conventional vibe to it talking about the future of the two lovers; this song very clearly celebrates love and companionship. The jolly voice of Darshan Raval makes the song more exuberant and full of excitement & zest. Also, after the first half of the song, the song is sung by the female singer, Asees Kaur who does full justice and keeps up with the high-spirited voice of the singer and the rhythm of the music, and somehow makes the track even better. The temperature of the music is towards the lighter and groovier side, it is not a song that makes you think too much, and the composer has made the song keeping the effervescence of this generation.

With the use of Dhol and the trumpet, this track sort of gives a festive mood to the listener and takes them in for a Dandia night or a beautiful Sangeet at a wedding, and would come to be one of the most played during any Ethnic Dance Discos. What sets this song apart than rest other “festive” songs is the hint of Electronic Music in it given by DJ Chetas, having it vibe with the jaunty nature of the song and that of the youth. The makers of the music smartly used the use of Electronic Music to make it a Club worthy song and thus giving a greater appeal and a wider reach. This song is a perfect combination of the modernism of the upcoming trends in music, along with the traditional lyrical appeal. Moreover, the lyrics have the lovers confessing their love for each other, and what better to turn a love song into a jovially celebrated song. This is a recipe for a super hit song.

The strumming pattern for this song is DD U DU where D is Down Stroke and U is Up Stroke and chords that we have used are G, Am,  & C.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DDU DU
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Chogada Chords Progression

Song Tempo: 60
Time signature: 3/4
Scale of Song: G
Chords Used: G, Am, D, C


Ho … Oo…[G] aavi gyi raat
Man [G]bhulo bhadi baat
[Am]Premm nia mausam[D] che
Abb [G]aao mere paas
Reh[G] jao mere sath
[Am]Prem nia mausam[D] che [X2]

[D]Mil jaye mjhko[C] agar sath tera
To [Am]bhulu me saara jahan

[G]Chogada tara
[G]Chabeela tara
[G]Rangeela tara
[Am]Rang bheru [G]jue tari [C]vat rey, Haahh…!
[G]Chogada tara
[G]Orey chabeela tara
[G]Orey rangila tara
[Am]Rang bheru[G] jue tari [C]vaat rey

[G]Chupp chupp ke tmhe
[C]Dekha me karu
[G]Saari saari raat
[Am]Saari saari raat

[G]Chupp chupp ke mjhe
[C]Dekha tu kare
[G]Saari saari raat
[Am]Saari saari raat

[G]Mil jaye mjhko [C]agar sath tera
To [Am]bhuloo me saara jahan

[G]Chogada tara
[G]Chabeela tara
[G]Rangeela tara
[Am]Rang bheru [G]jue tari [C]vaat rey, Ha ahh!
[G]Chogada tara
[G]Orey Chhabeela tara
[G]Orey Rangeela tara
[Am]Rang bheru [G]jue tari [C]vaat rey, Haa…

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Original Song Video

Chogada Video Song | Loveyatri | Aayush Sharma | Warina Hussain | Darshan Raval, Lijo-DJ Chetas

Song Credits

Song Name: Chogada / ચોગાડા
Singer Name
: Darshan Rawal, Asees Kaur
Film/Movie Name: Loveratri
Releasing Year: 2018
Lyricist: Darshan Raval
Language: Gujarati (Bollywood)/Hindi
Country: India
Song Tempo: 60
Time signature: 3/4
Scale of Song: G

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