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Ab Aaja Chords by Gajendra Verma

Song Scale: Em
Chords Used
: Em, C, G, D

Rookhe [Em]rookhe hain [C]
[G]Mausam ke lab bin [D]tere
Sookhe [Em]pedon se [C]
Ho [G]gaye mere shaam [D]savere

Ek [Em]ranj hai raah [C]guzaaro mein
Ek [G]aag lagi gul[D]zaaro mein
Har [Em]saans ghuli [C]angaaro mein
Sun [G]bhi le meri [D]sadaa

Will update the articles with the full songs chords asap.

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Song Credits

Album Title: Flip
Singer/Artist: Gajendra Verma & Jonita Gandhi
Music Composition: Gajendra Verma
Lyrics by Aseem Ahmed Abbasee
Music Label: Virtual Planet Music
Releasing Year: January 2020
Language: Hindi

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