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Tere Te Guitar Chords | Hey! Everyone so today we have the chords of the latest release of Guru Randhawa, lyrics of this song are written by Ikka and music of tere-tey is composed by Vee. In this punjabi song we have used only three chords, chords you need to know for this release are Dm, C & A#.

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Tere Te Guitar Chords

Tempo: 95
Time Signature: 4/4
Song Scale/Key: Dm
No. of Chords: 3
Chords Used: Dm, C, A#

Intro Music: [Dm] [C] [Dm]

[Dm]Krdi ae wibe ni kil
Sanu [C]teri tu khave
Kyu taras naa [Dm]mere tey
[Dm]Ho luti firey town
Tu billo ni [C]sara
Na nikliya kr kalii [Dm]ghde tey [Two times]

[Dm]Tere tey, tere tey, tere [C]tey
Akhh meri khd di aa tere tey [Two Times]

Music: [Dm] [C]

[Dm]Koyi wi na tere mukaable [A#]dee
Ni tu[C] sareyaan to kaim[Dm] nai
Me dil layi firda ha tere[A#] naal
Tere koll[C] pora wi time [Dm]ni

[Dm]Mundiyaan nu laare tu[C] laave
Jhuthiyaan kasmaa tu khaave
[Dm]Krdi aa fake tu promise[C]aan
Sanu rab he bachaavey

[Dm]Tere tey, tere tey, tere[C] tey
Ankh meri khd di aa tere tey [Two Times]

Usne kra[Dm] swing pura town gya hill
Wo[A#] proper seen kre [C]kil
Botal kre [Dm]pop, pop kre pill
She looking at [A#]me saare karo [Dm]chill

Wo[Dm] grind krti hai solo
Wht you [A#]need ha baby [C]bolo
Jb kare [Dm]walk sb kuch lge slow-mo
Up & [A#]down jaati like a yo-yo

DJ kr drop dance waali[Dm] beat
Tune kra [A#]moov badha di tune [C]heat
I wanna see you shake kr de repeat
Thake na zara bhi like an athlete

[Dm]Tere tey, tere te, tere [C]tey
Ankh meri khad di aa tere te [Four Times]

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Original Song Video

Guru Randhawa TERE TE ft. Ikka | Bhushan Kumar | Zaara Y | Director Gifty | Vee Abhijit V | T-Series

Song Credits

Singer/Artist: Guru Randhawa
Album Name: Tere Te
Lyrics by Ikka
Music Composition: Vee
Releasing Year: 2018
Language: Punjabi
Country: India
Music Label: T-Series

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