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Teen Cup Chaa Guitar Chords | Presenting the title track from a Bengali movie, 3 Cup Chaa. This song is backed with the vocals of Subho Pramanik, he has also composed the music for the song himself while the lyricist by Debaloy Bhattacharya just like the tea this song is perfectly brewed with the refreshing and has the right music emotions and has been released under the SVF music label. Guitar part of this song is covered by the Sunny Bhattacharya and has been mix and mastered by Bob Sn. The key scale that Sunny Bhattacharya is playing in this song is E and he has used 5 chords, those 5 chords are A, E, B, Gbm/F#m & Dbm/C#m.

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Teen Cup Chaa Guitar Chords

Song Scale/Key: E
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: A, E, B, F#m/Gbm, C#m/Dbm
Rhythm Pattern: D UD D

(E)Ek din sapnaer din guninaa
(E)Ek raat ichcchera katha sone (F#m)naa
(A)Ek jhaank koshtera gham bhaang(E)ena
(E)Ek cup chaayer tor daam debona

(C#m)Tui enke (B)jaa ram dhaa(A)nu
Ek  chumoo(E)kei

(E)Jaanina kon peyaala
(A)Duchokhey aneteaala
(E)Beje othey konn behaala (F#)tor soore

(E)Keno je monn behaaya
(A)Bese othe kar chehaara
(E)Beje othe kon behaala (F#m)monn soore

(E)Ek cup chaaye tor nam nebona
(E)Ek cup chaayerr tor daam debo(F#m)na

(E)Ek din rodduore hath debo na
(E)Ek raat golperayi (F#m)bhor hobey na

(E)Jaanina kon peyaala
(A)Duchhokhe aneteaala
(E)Beje othe konn behalla (F#)tor soore

(E)Keno je monn behaaya
(A)Bese othe kaar chehaara
(E)Beje othe kon baehala (F#m)monn surey

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Original Song Video

Teen Cup Chaa (৩ কাপ চা) | Title Track | Official Video | Subho Pramanik | Hoichoi | SVF Music

Song Credits

Song/Film: Teen Cup Chaa (Title Track)
Singer/Artist: Subho Pramanik
Music Composer: Subho Pramanik
Lyricist: Debaloy Bhattacharya
Arranged & Programmed by Bob Sn
Guitars: Sunny Bhattacharya
Mix & Mastered by Bob Sn
Music by Svf Music
Language: Bengali (Bangla)
Releasing Year: 2018
Country: India/West Bengal

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