Mon Tomake Diye Felechi Chords by Simran Ferwani | Gulabi Aankhen

Gulabi aankhein is one of the most popular retro hits that is perhaps known to everyone existing on this planet. This amazing evergreen melody was released in 1970. Featuring in the film The Train, this song was sung by the legendary Mohammad Rafi, composed by the veteran maestro R.D Burman and was penned down by the poetic litterateur Anand Bakshi. But have you heard its Bengali recreated version- Mon Tomake Die Felechi?

Arey bhai bolo ki? Ekhono shononi?? Joldi jaao r gaan ta shune felo. Chomotkar guitar e asadharon konthe Simran Ferwani ekta khub sundor gaan banie fello je! The lyrics are quite conversational and have a romantic vibe about it. The guitar strumming is very simple and elementary. And if you have already fallen in love with this recreated Bengali version then here, we provide the easy guitar chords of the Bengali version of Gulabi aankhein. The chords are easy and the beginners can play them flawlessly.

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Mon Tomake Diye Felechi Chords | Gulabi Aankhein

Capo Position: 1st Fret
Chords Used
: Em, D, C
Strumming Pattern: D UUD UUD

[Em]Mon tomake diye [D]felechi
Tumi [C]to jano [D]bolona
[Em]Tomar du chokh e’ ache ja [D]shopno
[C]Dekhiyo aami [D]janona

[Em]Ami pagol tomar e oi [D]hashite
Mon hariye [C]jaye je
Ki kori [D]ami janina

[Em]Tomar e kotha shudu e’ [D]bhebe
Katiye [C]di je din [D]amar
[Em]Mon tomake diye [D]felechi
Tumi [C]to jano [D]bolona!

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Cover Video

Gulabi Aankhen | Bengali Version | Short Cover By Simran Ferwani #Shorts

Mon tomake die felechi is a very sweet romantic number. While the Hindi song is just beyond all praise and perfection, the Bengali version is also quite stellar. The melody has been wonderfully penned down and Simran with her sweet voice simply wins our heart compelling us to get hooked onto this number. From Kolkata, Simran is the next budding talent who is all set to make us go all gaga over her. Though not formally trained, yet she has quite an enigmatic voice that steals away our heart at one go. So, enjoy this Bengali version of Gulabi aankhein and groove along with your better half!

Song Credits

Song Title: Gulabi Aankhen
Singer/Artist: Mohammad Rafi
Music Director: R. D. Burman
Lyrics by Anand Bakshi
Film/Movie: The Train (1970 film)
Music Label: Universal Music Group
Cover Language: Bengali
Recreated by Simran Ferwani

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