Guitar: Mon Kharap E Bristi Chords | Girlfriend (বান্ধবী)

Mon Kharap E Bristi Guitar Chords | Presenting latest bengali song chords, the chords progression of Mon Kharap E Bristi from Girlfriend movie. This bengali song is sung by Soham Naik and the lyrics of this song are penned by Raja Chanda (Director) and the music for this song is composed by Jeet Ganguli. The song is released under the label of Surinder Films. The scale of this song from Girlfriend movie is in G major, we’ve used 4 chords to play the song namely – Am, G, C, & Em. We suggest you to play these chords with D D D UUDD as the strumming pattern where D is the Down Stroke and U is the Up Stroke.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D D D UUDD

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Song Scale: G
Chords Used: G, Am, Em, C
Rhythm Pattern: D D D UUDD

(G)Mon kharap e bristi
(G)Chokh keno bhijtey (Em)chai
(G)Kanch bhanga eii aainayi
(G)Tor chobi paltey (Em)jaai
Tui (C)Fire aai (Am)amar kalp(G)onai
Tui (C)Fire aai (Am)amar kalp(G)onai

(G)Mon kharap e bristi
(G)Chokh keno bhij tey (Em)chai
(G)Kanch bhanga ei aainayi
(G)Tor chobi paltey (Em)jai
Tui (C)phire aayi (Am)amar kalpoo(G)nai
Tui (C)phire aayi (Am)amar kalpoo(G)nai

(G)Chena-chena hasi mukhey
(G)Ogo chalo sapno bukey
(G)Aaina chutey amar golpo (Am)tai

(G)Elomelo doopur gulo
(G)Alor pakha sohaag cheelo
(G)Aina Fhire amar kalpo(Am)onai

Tui (C)phire ai (Am)amar kalpo(G)nai
Tui (C)phire ai (Am)amar kalpo(G)onai

(G)Biskaalo ei ratri
(G)Chand churi kortey (Em)chai
(G)Ghum bhanga ee sakal
(G)Rodd chuyye dekhtey (Em)chayi
Tui (C)Fire ai (Am)amar kalp(G)onai
Tui (C)Fire ai (Am)amar kalp(G)onai

(G)Poth-bhola ee rastaa
(G)Tor bari Firte (Em)chaii
(G)Pal chedaa ee nawko
(G)Torr khojein dikk haa(Em)raii
Tui (C)phire ai (Am)amar kalpo(G)naai
Tui (C)phire ai (Am)amar kalpo(G)naai

(G)Mone mone smriti take
(G)Akre dhorey bidhaata key
(G)Chai-chi toke amar sopno(Sapna) (Am)tai

(G)Mone mone smriti take
(G)Akrey dhore bidhata key
(G)Chaichi toke amar sopno (Am)tayi

Tui (C)Fire ai (Am)amar kalpo(G)nai
Tui (C)Fire aai (Am)amar kalpo(G)nai

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Original Song Video

Mon Kharap E Bristi | Girlfriend | Bonny | Koushani | Soham Naik | Jeet Gannguli | Raja Chanda

Song Credits

Song Name: Mon Kharap E Bristi/সোম খারপ ই ব্রিস্টি
Film/Movie/Album: Girlfriend/বান্ধবী
Singer/Artist: Soham Naik
Music Composition: Jeet Ganguli
Lyricist: Raja Chanda
Language: Bengali/বাঙালি/বাংলা
Music Label: Surinder Films
Releasing Year: 2018

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