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Be it a long drive on the highway with your lover or friends, or your bestie’s wedding Sangeet performance or a very severe heartbreak- Punjabi music is always at your service. The songs by the eminent Punjabi singers like Guru Randhawa, Sidhu Moosewala, Jassie Gill, Harrdy Sandhu to name some are electrifying enough to invigorate you and make you all charged up to take over the dance floor. The lyrics, the beats, the music are just in one word awesome. And their romantic hits are just beyond mesmerising. They will make you swoon and sway and be all crazy in love. So here we present to you a playlist of the Best Punjabi Romantic songs.

Love has a very bewitching vibe about it. Nobody can ever break free from its clutches. Love is an emotion and music is its language. Love can only be felt when you have good music as your wingman. So here is a curated list containing all the best romantic songs in Punjabi that will make you go gaga over your better half. The songs are:

1. Do you know by Diljit Dosanjh is a song that every Punjabi music fan knows by heart. The conversational lyrics and Diljit’s magical voice indeed keeps us charmed.

2. Khaab by Akhil is a melody that defines love in a very soulful way. The song is just perfect in every sense.

3. Sohne Lagde by Sidhu Moosewala is the song that will make you fall in love immediately as soon as you hear its enchanting music.

4. Duji vaar pyaar by Sunanda Sharma gives love a second chance and everyone who has found love in their own mind-blowing ways can find themselves relating to it.

5. Sun meri rani by Guru Randhawa is a very beautiful romantic number that eulogises the charms of the beloved comparing her to a queen ruling the lover’s heart.

6. Photo by Karan Sehmbi is a song that proves to us that if the love is true and if you are meant to be, then God will work his miraculous ways to unite the lovers.

7. Soch by Harrdy Sandhu is a very heart-rending song that explains the meaning of love and shows us what true love is.

8. Naja Naja by Pav Dharia is a melody that is immensely groovy with a romantic vibe to it. The song has a very catchy chorus and is indeed too addictive.

9. Vibe by PropheC is a song with some exciting beats that will make you serenade with your lover in your arms. It is the perfect mood setter on a romantic date.

10. Ik Tera by Maninder Buttar is a very sweet heart-warming track that has some really lovey-dovey lyrics and anyone listening to it will find themselves falling in love.

11. Love you oye by Prabh Gill is a melody without which this playlist would remain incomplete. This melody is just the perfect love song.

12. Jinne Saah by Ninja is a very endearing duet that has that folk feeling and will keep you hooked onto it for a long time. Love is a pure bond shared between two dedicated souls and that has been flawlessly showed in this melody.

13. Udaarian by Satinder Sartaaj is a soft Sufi song that captures the essence of love justly. This melody is nothing but pure bliss to the ears and will make you overwhelmed with emotions.

14. Laung Laachi by Mannat Noor is a melody that needs no introduction. This song is just beyond all praise and makes this list complete.

15. Ho gaya pyaar by Mickey Singh that impeccably reveals the inner-most romantic feelings hidden deep inside in the corners of our hearts.

16. Silent love by Namr Gill is a track that shows us that love is a bond that brings together two people who cannot do without each other. The melody is immensely emotional.

17. Nakhre by Jassie Gill is a very jocular song where the story of a boy has been shown who is afraid to confess his love to his beloved. So to all those lovers who want to tell your crush how much you love them, this is the song for you.

18. Jannat by B Praak is a heavenly song that compares everything of the beloved to paradise and its charisma.

19. Raat de gedi by Diljit Dosanjh is again one of the most popular Punjabi romantic hits that everyone knows by heart. This beautiful song teaches us that love can make you take any risks just for your lover.

20. Rang Gora by Akhil is a romantic number that teaches us that love does not differentiate between people. Love doesn’t depend on looks or money but depends only on feelings and pure emotions and this has been beautifully portrayed in this song.

21. Hasdi Sohni by Kuljeet Chouhan is a song that praises the beauty of the beloved lady love. Every love struck guy can find themselves relating to it with their someone special.

22. Chan Kitthan by Ayushmann Khurrana is a very sweet and emotional track. The video of this melody is also a delight to watch. It is one of the best Punjabi romantic songs ever.

23. Laare by Maninder Buttar is a heart-rending song that has a very impactful message. This melody presents love to us in a different way and Buttar’s appealing vocals keep us totally glued to it.

24. Lehenga by Jass Manak is an amorous song that completes this playlist. Jass Manak’s dulcet voice will definitely make you listen to this number repeatedly.

25. She don’t know by Milind Gaba is a quite joyful song that talks about the beloved who is unaware of the deep feelings that the love-smitten boy has for her.

Punjab is known for its rich culture. The land of delicious makke di roti and sarson da saag, or the energetic moves of Bhangra and the beautiful festival of Lohri, Punjabis are always out there winning our hearts in their own charming ways. And what can impress your beloved better than the wakhra swag of the gabru munda. Music talks for us and says those unsaid word which we keep hidden deep inside us but our lips are scared to let out. Music in any language works wonders when you want to express your amorous feelings to the one you love. So here is the Best Punjabi romantic songs list made out of love for you which will make your heart bloom with romance and yearn more for your dear beloved. The list includes all the top Punjabi romantic songs which are always our favourite and in our minds on loop. So enjoy the songs and feel the power of love embracing you.

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