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Malang is a song which has been trending in our playlists for a long time. This soulful rendition from the film Malang has simple and easy guitar tabs which the beginners and amateurs can play fluently.

The melody is too heart –warming and offbeat. It has been sung and composed by the talented and mellifluous Ved Sharma and has been penned down by the poetic Kunaal Vermaa and Haarsh Limbachiyaa. The guitar tabs of Malang provided here are verified and accurate. The song has been played in a moderately paced tempo and signature 4/4 beats. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this melody uses the drums and the guitars and other instruments quite euphoniously. The video of this song is a delight to watch as Disha and Aditya’s chemistry on screen is too sensational and sizzling. You can also consider to play Malang Chords with the below tabs.

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Malang Title Song Guitar Tabs

E |--10-10-10-10-10h11-10-10-

E |--10--------------------------------
B |-----13-11-13-10-11--------10----
G |----------------------12-----

E |--10-10-10-10-10h11-10-10-

E |-------10-------------------------------
B |--11--------13-11-11\13-10--11-10-------
G |------------------------------------12--

B |--11-11-11-11-13-11-11-11-10-10-10-13-10-

B |--11-10hp11---------------------------------
G |------------------12-10-12-12-12-10-12\14-

B |--11-10hp11----------------------------------
G |------------------12-10-12-12-12-10-12\14-

B |--11-10hp11----------------------------------
G |------------------12-10-12-12-12-10-12\14-

B |----------------13-13-15-11-10-
G |--14-15-15---------------------

E |---------------------10---------
B |--11-11-13-13-11-11-------13-11-

B |--11-13-11-13-11-13-11-13-11-10-

E |---------------------10-------
B |--11-11-13-13-11-11-------13-11-

E |--------------------------------
B |--11-15-11-13-11-15-11-13-11-10-

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Malang: Title Track (Audio) | Aditya Roy Kapur, Disha Patani, Anil K, Kunal K | Ved Sharma | Mohit S

More About the Song: Malang is a very groovy song. The beats are quite trippy and will make you serenade to it. The melody rightly takes you from “one high to another”. The music is extremely soothing and refreshing. Though the beats aren’t too exciting or fast, they are neither slow nor gentle. The lyrics are extremely metaphorical and romantic. The beloved’s vagrant and intoxicating charms and how he keeps the lover bewitched by her charisma has been portrayed splendidly in this romantic and passionate number. Ved’s mesmerising and dulcet vocals are the reason of why this melody is so appealing to us. The track is the perfect mood setter on a romantic dinner date with your better half by your side.

Song Credits

Song Title: Malang Title Track
Music Composition: Ved Sharma
Singer/Artist: Ved Sharma
Movie/Film: Malang
Lyrics by Kunaal Vermaa & Haarsh Limbachiyaa
Releasing Year: 2020
Music Label: T-Series
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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