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Quick & Easy: Tum Se Chords – Guitar | Presenting another romantic song by Jubin Nautiyal. This mesmerizing track from Jalebi is sung by Jubin Nautiyal in his soulful voice and Music has been composed/given by Akanksha & Samuel and lyrics are penned by Manoj Kumar Nath. This song is a 3 chord song, with the capo on the 4th fret the chords of the song become Am, F & G and without the capo the chords that you can play are A, B, Dbm, & G#m. The strumming pattern that you can try with the Am, F and G chord is DD UUD DU If you would like to give it the actual feel then you need to play half strumming – DD on Am and UUD DU on F and then repeat the process for G to Am. Jalebi movie is scheduled to hit cinemas on the 12th of October,2018.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DD UUD DU or D D UU D Du

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Guitar Chords in Detail

Tempo: 60
Time signature:- 4/4
Original Scale of Song: Dbm
Scale after Capo on 4th Fret: Am
Capo Position: 4th Fret
Chords Used: Am, F, G

[Am]Tere naam se [F]he roshan [G]mera hai [Am]jaha
[Am]Tere sath se [F]he raate [G]meri hai [Am]subhaa

Oooho… mmmm…
[Am]Hongey [F]judaa na hum,[G]Tum se [Am]tum se…
[Am]Or kahe [F]kya hum,[G]Tum se [Am]tum se

[Am]Tere naam se [F]he roshan [G]mera hain [Am]jaha
[Am]Tere sath se [F]he raate [G]meri hain [Am]subhaa
[Am]Hongey [F]judaa na hum,[G]Tum se [Am]tum se
[Am]Or kahe [F]kya hum

[Am]Tu dastaan [F]koi, Tu [G]hai ek nazam [Am]saa
[Am]Sunta rahu [F]tjhe [G]me ab sham-o-[Am]subaah
[Am]Dil ka suko[F]on tu he [G]marhum her marz [Am]kaa
[Am]Tujh bin [F]katey nhi [G]ek pal bhi ab [Am]mera

[Am]Tere naam se [F]he roshan [G]mera hai [Am]jahan
[Am]Tere saath se [F]he raatein [G]meri hain [Am]subaah
[Am]Hongey [F]judaa naa hum,[G]Tum se [Am]tum se
[Am]Aur kahe [F]kya hum,[G]Tum se [Am]tum se

[Am]Mera safar [F]hai tu, [G]tu mera [Am]karwaan
[Am]Ab har manzill[F] tu he, [G]tu he hai [Am]raasta
[Am]Aisa hua [F]asar [G]ye tere ishaq [Am]ka
[Am]Dastak teri [F]sune [G]to dhadkey [Am]dil mera

[Am]Tere naam se [F]he roshan [G]mera hai [Am]jahan
[Am]Tere sath se [F]he raate [G]meri hain [Am]subaah
[Am]Honge [F]juda na hum,[G]Tum se [Am]tum se

[Am]Aur kahein [F]kya hum,[G]Tum se [Am]tum se
[Am]Hongey [F]juda na hum,[G]Tum se [Am]tum se
[Am]Or kahein [F]kya hum,[G]Tum se [Am]tum se

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Original Song Video

Tum Se – Full Audio | Jalebi | Jubin Nautiyal | Varun Mitra | Rhea Chakraborty | Samuel & Akanksha

Song Credit

Song Name: Tum Se/Tumse
Movie Name/Album/Film: Jalebi
Singer/Artist: Jubin Nautiyal
Lyrics By Manoj Kumar Nath
Music By Samuel & Akanksha
Music Label Sony Music India
Releasing Year: 2018
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

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