Easy Intro Single String Guitar Tabs for Emptiness | Tune Mere Jaana

Love is beautiful but painful at the same time. It has its share of sunshine and thunderstorms. Emptiness by Rohan Rathore is the melody that testifies this statement justly. This song is also famous by the name Tune Mere Jaana. This melancholic track has a deep sense of pathos in it and every jilted and heartbroken lover can find themselves relating to this song. The single string guitar tabs for Emptiness has been provided here. The tabs have been played using a single string and hence the beginners can strum the Tune Mere Jaana guitar tabs fluently. Tune mere jaana single string guitar tabs are easy and simple and the amateurs can master them in a jiffy. The tabs provided here verified and accurate. The song harmonises well with the pensive mood for its doleful tune and emotional lyrics. This heart rending melody has also been sung by the mellifluous Gajenda Verma and that version is also amazing. So if you are also facing a painful parting and miss your beloved badly, strum the Emptiness single string guitar tabs and let music heal your grief.

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Tune Mere Jaana Single String Tabs

Intro Tabs on Single String for Emptiness

E |----5-8-5------5-8-5
B |-6----------6-------
G |--------------------

E |----5-8-5------5-8-5
B |-5----------5-------
G |--------------------

E |------6-------------6-----
B |---6-----6-------6------6-
G |7------------7------------

E |------------6----------
B |--5-8-5-8-------8--6---
G |5----------------------

or you can also play the below tabs on A string, but it’s a bit hard to play.

A |--8--12-15-12-8--12-15-12

A |--8--12-15-12-8--12-15-12-

A |--5--8--13-8--5--8--13-8--

A |--3--7--10-7--10-12-10-7--8-
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