Kalimba Instrument | What Is Kalimba (Thumb Piano)?

Music is a feeling, an emotion, a culture and a religion that bonds and unites everyone all over the world. Blessed are those who love music and are great musicians themselves. And the most amazing fact here is that there are more than thousands of beautiful and exotic instruments in the world. On the one hand you have the guitars, the pianos, the drums, the flutes to name some and on the other hand there are some rare gems like erhu, bouzouki, yunlo and zonghou. Kalimba is one of these uncommon instruments that is winning our hearts now.

Hailing from the Mbira family, this plucked idiophone was born amongst the Shona tribe residing in Zimbabwe. The Kalimba is also popularly known as the Thumb Piano. This instrument is a type of lamellaphone which has some metallic tines fixed on a hollow wooden board with a resonator for playing the notes. The Kalimba is mainly used in important occasions like weddings, religious rituals and other sacred ceremonies. Modern rock was famous for promoting this instrument as Kalimba would often join the percussion instruments, guitars, bass, horns and others in concerts. Kalimba tabs are provided in notes and number format and it has to be tuned first before playing. Also this instrument has a low volume, rapid attack and a moderate decay with lucid timbre.

Kalimba is an easy instrument that can be learned by anyone within minutes and can easily play beautiful kalimba songs from day one. The notes are not at all difficult and the beginners can master the tabs effortlessly. So you must be wondering by now, that from where can you get the accurate Kalimba tabs? To your help here are some top sites that will arm you with correct and verified notes. Amongst them the most genuine and top site is rewindcaps.com. You will find all the simple tabs of your favourite melodies here along with video tutorials so that you don’t encounter any hassle while learning this mesmerizingly euphonious instrument. Be it the GOT theme music, or Harry Potter theme music or the addictive tracks by Billie Eilish, this site covers all these Kalimba tabs for you in the letter and number notes format. Other excellent source and websites are YouTube and site like KalimbaMagic. These websites are also equally noteworthy and provide quality content.

The most soothing thing about this magical instrument is its sound. The thumb piano indeed enchants its listeners and keeps them spellbound by its sweet and bewitching chimes. Any song, be it My heart will go on from Titanic or A Thousand Years from the Twilight Saga sounds heavenly when strummed on this little piece of wonder. So if the Kalimba has already etched its indelible impression on your heart, go ahead, check out the aforesaid pages and start your musical journey with this unique and unconventional Kalimba or Thumb piano.

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