Darshan Raval – Guitar: Kaash Aisa Hota Chords (w/wo Capo)

Kaash Aisa Hota Guitar Chords | There is something different in the voice of Darshan Raval, within just an hour the video crossed 350K views. The lyrics, voice and the song is all composed by him only. It’s just not a song, it’s a feeling that made me happy and sad at the same time. If you have a broken heart, I am sure you are going to miss your partner a lot in the mid of this song. This song is quite smooth as I didn’t realize that it’s a 3 and half minute song.

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Guitar Chords in Detail (with Capo)

Song Scale/Key: Gm (Original)
No. of Chords: 5
Capo Position: 3rd Fret
Chords Used with Capo: Em, C, G, D & Am
Chords Used without Capo: A#, Gm, D#, F & C#m
Chords Transposition with Capo: A# -> G, Gm -> Em, D# -> C, F -> D & C#m -> Am
Strumming Pattern: D D UUD D DU or DDU UDU or D(c)U U(c)U (in Slow Tempo)
Strumming Pattern for Verse: D D UUD D DU or DD UUD DDU

Intro Music: Em, C, D

(G)Yeh lamha bhi guzar (Em)jayga
(C)Ye dard seene me he dab (D)jayega
(G)Yeh baatein adhoori reh (Em)jayengi
(G)Tum aur me adhoorey reh (D)jayenge

(Em)Kaash aisa bhi hota
(Em)Tum mere hote
(C)Main tumhara hota
(D)To ye gham naa (Em)hote (Three Times)

Music: Em, C, D, Em

(Em)Jhuthi thi kasme teri
(Em)Jhoothe the vaade sbhi
(Em)Jhoothi thi teri hansi
(Em)Jhoote the aansoo sbhi

(Em)Ab yaadon me aaunga me
(Em)Reh jaayegi meri (Am)kami
(Em)Sazaayein bhi bolengi (C)tujhko
(Am)Yeh kya kiya, (D)toone (Em)kiya

Guitar Chords in Detail (without Capo)

(A#)Ye lamha bhi guzr (Gm)jayega
(D#)Yeh dard sinne mein he dab(F)jayga
(A#)Yeh baatein adhoori reh (Gm)jayngi
(A#)Tum or me adhurey rh (F)jaynge

(Gm)Kaash aisa bhi hota
(Gm)Tum mere hote
(D#)Me tumhaara hota
(F)To yeh gam na(Gm)hote (Three Times)

Music: Gm, D#, F, Gm

(Gm)Jhuthi thi kasme teri
(Gm)Jhuthe the vaade sbhi
(Gm)Jhuthi thi teri hasi
(Gm)Jhutey the aansu sbhi

(Gm)Abb yaado mein aunga me
(Gm)Reh jayegi meri (C#m)kami
(Gm)Sazaaein bhi bolengi (D#)tujh ko
(C#m)Yeh kya kia, (F)tune (Gm)kia

Repeat the above paragraph for the rest of the song.

Note: Please suggestion corrections if you find any. Thank you

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Chord Guitar Lesson Video

"Kaash Aisa Hota"/"Darshan Raval"/Easy Guitar Chords/Full Song Lesson/Tutorial/Guitar Cover

Original Song Video

Kaash Aisa Hota - Darshan Raval | Official Video | Latest Hit Song 2019 | Naushad Khan

Song Credits

Song Title: Kaash Aisa Hota
Singer/Artist: Darshan Raval
Music Composition: Darshan Raval
Lyricist: Darshan Raval
Music Production: Aditya Dev
Recording Studio: Aditya Dev Studio
Music Label: Indie Music Label
Country: India
Language: Hindi (Non-Bollywood)
Releasing Year: 2019

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