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Betrayals and cheating is always devastating and heart breaking. Ja chali ja is a song that supports this above statement. This single has been created and penned down by Tarun Sharma and Rishabh Tiwari and sung by Rishabh himself. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this track uses the trumpets, the guitars and the drums brilliantly. Ja chali ja chords are simple and can be played easily by the beginners as well. The guitar chords of Ja chali ja are five in number which are Am, G, F, Dm, Em. With a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat, this melody has been played in the Am scale. The chords of Ja chali ja have a harmonious progression and follow the strumming pattern of  D UDUD UDUD. This track has a quite groovy feel with a very heart rendering and emotional theme and gives out a very strong and powerful message to all the jilted lovers.

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Ja Chali Ja Chords

Song Key/Scale: Am
No. of Chords: 5
Chords Used: Am, G, F, Dm, Em
Rhythm Pattern: D UDUD UDUD

Verse starts here
(Am)Socha na tha aisa karegi (G)tu
Ek (F)raat me aise badlegi (G)tu
(Am)Tujh ko fark nhi padta
Mujh ko (Dm)sb kuch hai pta
Jahaan (Am)jaana hai tu ja
Tujh ko (Dm)na rukunga (Em)

Chorus starts here
(Am)Tere liye jo ik (Dm)raat ki baat thi
(Am)Mere liye woh (G)zazbat (Am)hai
(Am)Tere liye jo ek (Dm)raat ki baat thi
(Am)Mere liye woh (G)zazbat (Am)hai

Verse starts here
Sari (Am)baatein jo mujhse kehti (G)thi
(F)Sacha tha sb bs tu he jhuthi (G)thi
(Am)Saala kuch nhi tha woh
Teri (Dm) pyaar ki baat do
Ek (Am)raat ka tera pyar
Bhaad (Dm)me jaye mere (Em)yaar

Chorus starts here
(Am)Tere liye jo ek (Dm)raat ki baat thi
(Am)Mere liye woh (G)zazbaat (Am)hai
(Am)Tere liye jo ek (Dm)raat ki baat thi
(Am)Mere liye woh (G)zazbaat (Am)hai

Bridge starts here
(Am)Ja chali ja na (G)rokunga me (Am)tujh ko
(Am)Ja chali ja (G)yaad karegi tu (Am)mujh ko
(Am)Ja chali ja tujhe (G)jahan jana (Am)hai

Chorus starts here
(Am)Tere liye jo ek (Dm)raat ki baat thi
(Am)Mere liye woh (G)jazbaat (Am)hai
(Am)Tere liye jo ek (Dm)raat ki baat thi
(Am)Mere liye woh (G)jazbaat (Am) hai

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Original Song Video

Ja Chali Ja ft. Priya Sindhu | Tarun-Rishabh | Winston | Breakup Song | Ek Raat Ki Baat Thi

Song Credits

Song Title: Ja Chali Ja
Singer/Artist: Rishabh Tiwari
Trumpet Player: Robin Fargose
Cast: Rishabh Tiwari, Priya sindhu, & Mayank
Releasing Year: 2019
Country: India
Language: Hindi

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