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Dil chahte ho is a mesmerizing melody. So here we present to you the Dil Chahte Ho guitar chords. The chords are easy and simple and the beginners can play them fluently. The guitar chords of Dil chahte ho are D, G, C, Em. The melody has been played in a moderately paced tempo and it has a signature 4/4 beat.

Dil chahte ho chords provided here are both accurate and verified. This soulful rendition has been sung by the very mellifluent Jubin Nautiyal and the melodious Payal Dev. The song has been composed by the versatile Payal Dev and has been penned down by the poetic A. M Turaz. From the feature film soundtrack genre, this single uses the various instruments like the strings, violins, flutes, guitars quite euphoniously. The video of this melancholic song is intensely emotional and is actually a treat to the eyes.

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Dil Chahte Ho Chords

Intro Music:
(G) (C) (G) (C) x2

(G)Dil Chaahte Ho Ya J(C)aan Chaahte Ho
(G)Hum se Batao Ke (C)Kya Chaahte Ho (G) (C)
(G)Dil Chaahte Ho Ya J(C)aan Chaahte Ho
(G)Hum se Batao Ke (C)Kya Chaahte Ho

(G)Khud Ke He An(C)dar Ma(D)r Jaay(G)enge
(Em)Gham Na Ka(C)bhi Bah(D)ar Laayenge(G)
(G)Haste-Haste (Em)Kar Denge Yeh Bhi
(C)Hona Agar Tum Ju(D)da Cha(G)ahte Ho

(G)Haste-Haste K(Em)ar Denge Yeh Bhi
(C)Hona Agar Tum Ju(D)da Chah(G)te Ho
(G)Dil Chahte Ho Ya (C)Jaan Chaahte Ho
(G)Humse Batao Ke (C)Kya Chahte H(G)o

(G) (C)

Is(G)hq Humaara Ja(C)g Se Juda Hai
K(G)hushiya Tumhaari Hu(C)maari Waffa Hai
(G)Kismat Apni Pa(C)dhli Hai Humne
(G)Tumhaare Siva Na (C)Kuch Bhi Likha Hai

(G)Mujrim Bhi Hum (Em)Ban Jaayenge
(C)Dena Agar Tum (D)Saja Chaah(G)te Ho

(G)Haste-Haste Ka(Em)r Dengey Ye Bhi
(C)Hona Agar Tum Ju(D)da Cha(G)ahte Ho

(G) (C) (G) (C)

H(G)um To Bane Hai Tu(C)mhaari He Khaatir
T(G)umhare Hi Kaam To Aa(C)yenge Aakhir
H(G)um Me Humaara To Ku(C)ch Bhi Nahi Hai
J(G)o Tum Kaho Bs (C)Wo He Sahi Hai

H(G)aq Me Humari Sh(Em)auk Se Kardo
(C)Karna Agar Bad(D)duwa Chaah(G)te Ho

(G) (C) (G) (C) (D) (C) (G)

(G)Hastey-Hastey Kar(Em) Denge Yeh Bhi
Ho(C)na Agar Tum Ju(D)da Chaah(G)te Ho
(G)Dil Chaahte Ho Ya J(C)aan Chaahte Ho
(G)Humse Batao Ke K(C)ya Chahte Ho

(G) (C) (G) (C)

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Dil Chahte Ho | Jubin Nautiyal, Mandy Takhar | Payal Dev, A.M.Turaz | Navjit Buttar | Bhushan Kumar

Dil chahte ho is a heart-rending song filled with a deep sense of pathos. This melody has some soft and soothing beats that will bring out the inner-most feelings within you. The tune is doleful and harmonizes well with the pensive mood. The lyrics are quite conversational and every jilted lover can find themselves relating to it. The music is refreshing and gentle. Jubin is phenomenal as usual and his charms and that powerful voice is what keeps us hooked onto this track for days. A perfect romantic number, this song is quite the mood setter if you are looking for a melody to resolve the tiff you are having with your better half.

Song Credits

Song Title: Dil Chahte Ho
Singer/Artist: Jubin Nautiyal & Payal Dev
Music Composition: Payal Dev
Lyrics by A.M.Turaz
Music Label: T-Series
Releasing Year: 27 August 2020
Language: Hindi

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