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God is one. He is Ram, He is Krishna, He is Allah and He is Jesus. He is the sole creator of the universe. He is our guardian, protecting us from every obstacle and hardships. And if you have Lord Krishna’s blessings on you what harm can come your way. Achyutam Keshavam is a Krishna Bhajan that hails Him and shows us His Divine powers. Achyutam Keshavam guitar chords are simple and easy and can be played by the beginners as well. The guitar chords of Achyutam Keshavam are three in number and they are C, G & F. The chords have to be played with a capo placed in the 3rd fret. The song has been played in the C scale with a moderately paced tempo and a signature 4/4 beat. The chords of Achyutam Keshavam follow a strumming pattern of DDU UDU or D(c)U U(c)U D UUD UUD.

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Achyutam Keshavam Guitar Chords – Bhajan

Bhajan Scale/Key: D
Chords Used: D, A, Bm, G
Strumming Pattern: DDU UDU or D(c)U U(c)U D UUD UUD

(D)Achyutam Keshavam (A)Krishna Daamodaram
(Bm)Rama Naray(A)nam Jan(G)ki Vallab(D)ham [Two Times]
(D)Kon Kehta Hai Bhagwaan (A)Aate Nhi
(Bm)Tum Meera (A)Ke Jese (G)Bulaate (D)Nahi

(D)Achyutam Keshavam (A)Krishna Damodaram
(Bm)Rama Naray(A)nam Jana(G)ki Vallab(D)ham [Two Times]
(D)Kon Kehta Hai Bhagwan (A)Khaate Nahi
(Bm)Ber Shabri (A)Ke Jaise (G)Khilate (D)Nahi

(D)Achyutam Keshvam (A)Krishna Damodaram
(Bm)Rama Naray(A)nam Jana(G)ki Vallab(D)ham [Two Times]
(D)Kaun Kehta Hai Bhagvan (A)Sote Nhi
(Bm)Maa Yashoda (A)Ke Jaise (G)Sulaate (D)Nhi

(D)Achyutam Keshavam (A)Krishna Damodaram
(Bm)Rama Naray(A)nam Jan(G)ki Vallab(D)ham [Two Times]
(D)Kaun Khta Hai Bhagwaan (A)Naachtey Nhi
(Bm)Gopiyon Ki Tarha (A)Tum (G)Nachaatey (D)Nahi

(D)Achyutam Keshavam (A)Krishna Damodaram
(Bm)Rama Naray(A)nam Jana(G)ki Vallab(D)ham [Two Times]
(D)Naam Japatey Chalo (A)Kam Krte Chalo
(Bm)Har Samay Krishna (A)Ka Dhyan (G)Karte (D)Chalo

(D)Achyutam Keshavam (A)Krishna Damodaram
(Bm)Rama Naray(A)nam Jana(G)ki Vallab(D)ham [Two Times]
(D)Yaad Ayegi Unko (A)Kabhi Na Kabhi
(Bm)Krishan Darshan Toh (A)Denge (G)Kabhi Na (D)Kabhi

(D)Achyutam Keshavam (A)Krishna Damodaram
(Bm)Rama Naray(A)nam Jana(G)ki Vallab(D)ham [Two Times]

More About this Bhajan: Lord Krishna is the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu. Born on the sacred day of Janmashtami, Lord Krishna has always been a messiah, uplifting everyone from distress. Krishna who is also known as Gopal or Keshav has always come to our help whenever we have called Him. He has always protected us like His children. His love, care and tenderness has always kept us embraced in a world of peace and happiness. This Bhajan is a reminder to us, that tells us that nothing is impossible for us. We can call our saviour Krishna and come close to him if we harbour in our hearts the same devotion as Shabri, Meera, Radha and the Gopis had for Him. God is always present in us and we can only feel Him if we are pure at heart and are truthful, good and have immense faith in Him. Keshav will always fulfil our wishes and lead us on to the right path if we dedicatedly follow Him and love Him. This melodious devotional song is nothing but a pathway that will bridge the gap between the Almighty Lord Krishna and us, the minuscule dots in this huge ocean of universe. So let us unite on this Janmashtami and submerge ourselves in the devotion of Lord Krishna. Jai Shri Krishna.


Achutam Keshavam - Kaun Kehte hai Bhagwan Aate nahi - Ankit Batra Art of Living | Krishna Bhajan

Song Credits

Bhajan Name: Achyutam Keshavam
Singer/Artist: Vikram Hazra

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