Armaan Malik – Tor Hata Chola Chords – Guitar (তোর হতা চোল)

Guitar – Tor Hata Chola / তোর হতা চোলার গিটার দড়ি | Bringing to you the Guitar Chords of latest Bangla song by Armaan Malik – Tor Hata Chola. This song is from the Naqaab movie and the lyrics of this melodious song are written by Prasen while the song is sung by Armaan Malik ji & Parashmita Paul. The Chords that we’ve used in this song are A, Bm, E, F#m, D. The scale of this song is in A major and if you would like to try the strumming pattern then we suggest you to play DD UUD rhythm where D is Down Stroke and U is Up Stroke.

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Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: DD UUD
D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Tor Hata Chola Chords – তোর হতা চোলার গিটার দড়ি

Scale: A
Chords: A, Bm, E, F#m, D

(A)Tor hata chola(Bm)tor Katha bola (E)
Dhoreche amake (A)joriye
(A)Tor hata chola (Bm)tor Katha bola
(E)Dhoreche amake (A)joriye

(A)Tor chari dhare (Bm)hoyegechi chaya
(E)Rekhechi nijeke (A)choriye
(D)Adbhejaa gahase (E)paye polashey
(D)Patageche bijhe kije kori (E)rey
(A)Tor hata chola (Bm)tor Katha bola
(E)Dhoreche amake (A)joriye

(A)Sobito dekha(F#m)sonar (A)suru
(F#m)Mon keno (A)basto (E)baagis
(A)Adale abdare (E)se kokho(A)no
(F#m)Koruk se (A)hazar (E)nalis

(D)Tui ase pase(E)chole chole ele
(D)Kaap diye othe sara (E)sorire
(A)Tor hata chola (Bm)tor Katha bola
(E)Dhoreche amake (A)joriye

(A)Aaj noyi kaaj sobi (F#mthak (A)pore
(F#m)Tor  sathe (A)paliye (E)berai
(A)Ga bhase tor deya (F#m)roddu(A)re
(F#m)Ichchera pakhna (A)do(E)lai

(D)Adbheja gahase (E)paye polashe
(D)Patageche bijhe kije kori (E)re
(A)Tor hata chola (Bm)tor Katha bola
(E)Dhoreche amake (A)joriye

(A)Tor hata chola (Bm)tor Katha bola
(E)Dhoreche amake (A)joriye

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তোর হাঁটা চলা – Tor Hata Chola Song Video – Armaan Malik

Tor Hata Chola (তোর হাঁটা চলা) | Naqaab | Shakib | Nusrat | Armaan | Prashmita | Dev Sen | SVF

Song Credits

Song: Tor Hata Chola
Movie: Naqaab
Singers: Armaan Malik and Parashmita Paul
Music: Dev Sen
Lyricsist: Prasen
Cast: Shakib Khan, Nusrat Jahan
Language: Bengali
Production: SVF Entertainment Pvt.Ltd

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