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Naina Da Kya Kasoor Guitar Chords | How can you blame the eyes for love being blind? In the world of raunchy item songs, and ear blasting tracks, we have the composer and singer of the song, Amit Trivedi with his fresh voice bringing out a beautifully light and jolly song, Naina Da Kya Kasoor, from the movie Andhadhun. The lyrics given by Jaideep Sahni are simple; sweet and yet have a sort of a mischievous innocence hidden in them. This track has done complete justice to the relevance and the timing of the song in the context of the movie. The song goes on to imply that love has to be blind- which is smart because it goes with the general theme of the movie which is about a blind man and the leading lady being in love. The lyrics and the whole song tries to portray what it takes for a visually impaired man to fall in love and whether love really is blind when you are blind too.

The song itself has a lovely nostalgic tempo and rhythm and reminds one of the yester years “Oh Mere Sona re Sona re” or even Binaca geet mala, which people will quite honestly enjoy the resemblance. Instead of remixing the same song, the makers really smartly took some inspiration and made a much more refreshing song which Amit Trivedi very beautifully captures through his strong and corrosive voice, but most importantly he never lets us forget the very essence of this song which is, love.

The utilization of instruments is exceptional, my personal favorite is the piano portion in the beginning which is again been inspired by the legendary, Beethoven. The Piano composition is pure genius and it sounds like an angel has played it. It gives you chills right in the beginning of the song. Coming to the rhythm and the melody of this track, both are extremely contagious. The listener really wishes the song never ended. The best part about this song is that it can be easily be picked up by anyone who’s even minutely interested in music. The after listening to this song once or twice, it leaves a “musical hangover” lingering all over you, making you want to just continue to press replay, which talks a lot about the hard work that must have gone into making this masterpiece. Amit Trivedi really lifts this whole song up and gives a new direction to the lyrics and the melody with such honesty and innocence in his voice it’s so tangible. This song has been created and sung so well, it really makes the audience feel that it is come from the heart and that is when you know it’s a masterpiece.

This song is a 4 chord song, chords that we’ve used are A, Bm, F#m, & D. The scale of this song is in A major, suggested strumming for  is D U U D U U where D is Down Strum and U is Up Strum.

Suggested Strumming Pattern

Strumming Pattern: D U U D U U

D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum

Scale of Song: A Major
Chords Used: A, Bm, F#m, & D
Capo: Not Required

(A)Abhi abhi (E)pyaara sa
(A)chehra dikha hai
(A)Jaane kya ka(E)hu uspe
(A)kya kya likha hai

(E)Gehra sama(D)ndar (E)dil dooba ji(A)sme
(E)Ghayal hua (D)me us pal se (A)isme
Naina daa kya (Bm)kasoor
(Bm)Vey kasoor vey kasoor
(Bm)Naina da kya (A)kasoor
(A)Vey kasoor vey kasoor
Naina daa kya ka(Bm)soor

(Bm)Vey kasoor vey kasoor
(Bm)Aye dil duba (A)jaaye
(A)Dil ko haza(F#m)aro
baandhe the dha(D)agey

(A)Par paa jee (F#m)nikla
(Bm)Ye hum se ke (A)age
(E)Hua kya (A)hai (E)hua kya (A)hai hum ko

(A)Ikk pal ye da(D)udey utt pal ye(A) bhaage
(A)Hori ho jaa(D)ye tb naina jaa(A)gey
(E)Hua yeh (A)hai (E)hua yeh (A)hai samjho

(A)Dil dil ke mi(D)lte sanchey or
(A)Jo hai banaata(D) upar se (A)jaake
Batti hai na hai (Bm)dhup naa kafoor kasoor

(Bm)Naina da kya (A)kasoor
(A)Vey kasoor vey kasoor
(A)Naina da kya (Bm)kasoor
(Bm)Vey kasoor vey kasoor
(Bm)Naina da kya (A)kasoor
(A)Vey kasoor vey kasoor

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Original Song Video

Naina Da Kya Kasoor |AndhaDhun|Ayushmann Khurrana|Tabu|Radhika Apte|Amit Trivedi|Sriram R

Song Credits

Song Name: Naina Da Kya Kasoor/Naino Ka Kya Kasoor
Film/Movie/Album: AndhaDhun
Singer/Artists: Amit Trivedi
Music by Amit Trivedi
Lyrics by Jaideep Sahni
Label: Zee Music Company
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)
Country: India
Releasing Year: 2018

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