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Scoopwoop: 60 Years of Bollywood in 4 Chords | Mashup Song List

Bollywood is an industry ruling our hearts for about a century. And due credit must be given to the world’s largest film industry for gifting us with all those evergreen musical pieces for every mood and every genre. The Hindi music industry has given us practically songs for all occasion and mood- be it romance or party or sadness or festivity to mention some. With De De Khuda ke Nam pe Pyare from Alam Ara,the first song of Bollywood, this small step by music took a giant leap in the history of mankind. So in order to provide a tribute to Bollywood, Scoopwhoop created a musical rendition where they covered more than thirty songs in guitar and these songs were taken from a time zone between the old retro 1950s to the post-modern 2013s. They just used four chords to play all the songs. This medley has been played only on the guitar. The chords are simple and can be picked by the amateurs in a jiffy. But the tempo is hard to maintain as it ebbs and flows according to the tracks. The progression of the chords is rapid and harmonious with feet tapping beats and a groovy rhythm. The Chords that has been used by the artist in this mashup are on G major scale and it’s being played with G, Em, C & D Chords [4 Chords].

Original Mashup Video

Guitar Chords used in Mashup

Song/Mashup Scale/Key: G
No. of Chords: 4
Chords Used: G, D, Em, & C (Open Chords)
Strumming Pattern: DDU DDU or DDU UDU
Tip: Play the first down strok on the bass strings only.

30+ Songs | Cafe – Scoopwoop Bollywood Mashup
Ye Chaand sa Roshan chehra – Kashmir Ki Kali | Year: 1964
Ae Dil Mujhe Bta Dey – Bhai Bhai | Year: 1956
Aj kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charchey – Bhai Bhai | Year: 1968
Mere saamne waali khiddki me – Padosan | Year: 1968
Khwaab tum ya koi hakeeqat – Teen Devian | Year: 1965
Chala jaata hun kisi ki dhunn me – Mere Jeevan Saathi | Year: 1972
Hai apna dil to awaara – Solva Saal | Year: 1958
Dil deke dekho – Dil deke dekho | Year: 1959
Tumsa nhi dekha – Tumsa nahi dekha | Year: 1957
Udey jab-jab julfein teri – Naya Daur | Year: 1957
Shaam dhaley khidki tale – Albela | Year: 1951
Shola jo bhadke – Albela | Year: 1951
Sir jo tera chak raaye – Pyaasa | Year: 1957
Ye dosti hum nhi todnge – Sholay | Year: 1975
Ek ajnabi haseena se – Ajnabee | Year: 1974
Ye shaam mastaani – Kati Patang | Year: 1971
Ek din bikk jaayega maati ke mol – Dharam Karam | Year: 1975
Kya hua tera waada – Hum Kisise Kum Naheen | Year: 1977
Dil Dhundta Hai – Mausam | Year: 1975
Hum dono do premi – Ajanabee | Year: 1974
Kanchi rey kaanchi rey – Hare rama hare krishna | Year: 1971
Kabhi-kabhi mere dil mein – Kabhie kabhie | Year: 1976
Ban-than chali dekho – Kurukshetra | Year: 2000
Anjaani raanhon mein – Meri Jaan Hindustan | Year: 1997
Dil hai chota sa – Roja | Year: 1992
Haaye re haaye – Jeans | Year: 1998
Tum pass aye – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai | Year: 1998
Na tum jaano na hum – Kaho na pyaar hai | Year: 2000
Me koi aisa geet gau – Yes boss | Year: 1997
Pehla nasha – Jo jeeta wohi sikandar | Year: 1992
Allah ke bandey – Waisa bhi hota hai part 2 | Year: 2006
Iktaara – Wake up sid | Year: 2009
Yuhi chala chal raahi – Swades | Year: 2004
Kabira – Yeh jawaani hai deewani | Year: 2013

Guitar Lesson/Video Tutorial

This mashup has been performed by the versatile Ankur Dobriyal in the vocals and the brilliant Akshay Nayar on the guitar. Their stellar performances are indeed spell binding. What makes this mashup endearing is the list of songs that they have taken from each decade. The songs are of every genre and they have carefully chosen all those evergreen chart busters that we are absolutely crazy about. The retro songs as well as the modern ones have been mixed and matched euphoniously and the entire soundtrack is just serenading and soulful. With just 4 simple chords this duo has just weaved magic onscreen. The mashup is very addictive and will compel you to listen to it around the bonfire, or in a jamming session with your friends.

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